Area Measurement

Traditional particle counter cannot distinguish between dust and bacteria. The determination of bacterial contamination via therefore still counting of particles between 0,5 and 5 microns, the usual size of bacteria, in combination with the test by creating cultures. To make sure that a product is not Bacterially contaminated, it must be taken therefore up to three days after the production at the plant back so long just until the evaluation of crops on the nutrient fluids is completed. Instruments of the new generation to integrate a measurement by UV light. So, you use the fluorescent properties of living materials. To measure particles captured this classic with both number and size as well as with their fluorescence signal.

These innovative developments are a positive step in the direction of realtime measurement. However, they have some weaknesses. So, the UV measurements are still quite slow, so that typically only a fraction of the air drawn-in can be checked by UV light. Included the normal measurement uncertainty, often still no representative result can occur in this way. In highly sensitive areas such as the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology you can – don’t forgo so continued to the test by creating cultures and the consequent loss of time but this is of course the goal.

In metrology, we are already working on new calibration systems, and applicable standards for this Area. What was the impetus for the formation of the modern metrology? And what is it today? Metrology is actually a very old science, as measured and counted has always been: If the width of the field or the size of a herd of sheep. The units it counted were very different over the course of time. So mostly the body served until in the 18th century as a basis for measures such as Elle, foot or step. The problem was that these units were associated with mostly a living person.

Longer Indispensable

What is a compressor and why is it needed? Explains it the compressor is a device that can compress an any gas, like for example air or shrink. Itself while the compressor compresses the volume of the selected gas that is required on a smaller scale. During the compress in the compressor, the gas it is warmer. Like all other materials, gases change their shape or may result in a change of the physical state. Behavior, which is to be rejected on the physics, applied at the application of the compressor in refrigerators. On the other hand the air compressors are, which unlocks again the air that has been compressed using hoses and nozzles, so that you can use them in various areas.

Each compressor that can produce compressed air is called air compressor. They use the air that surrounds you, then insert these compress and store them inside of her. Application examples include here Drive for different cylinders, as also the pumping up of different things such as car tyres or air mattresses. By the same author: Tesla Motors. Also in the airbrush, area used to spray a compressor to the color with high pressure on the material that is to paint it. Only in this way enables a very fine painting. Many compressors are working with oil. The oil in the compressor provides the lubrication of the inside, thus avoiding abrasion.

Also, there are compressors that use no oil. In medicine and painted with lacquer is dispensed on oil and the compressor must be kept oil free. The oil is also used to reduce the volume when compressing. Also in the car, to use the compressor. A compressor in the motor increases the performance many times. Here is constantly ensured that there is air in the engine compartment and the process of burning to speed up. A performance improvement of up to 40% is possible.