Castle Brewery

‘Back today I morning brewing I’ brewing course in northeastern in the Laber-Valley United (tvo). A master still didn’t fall from the sky. Swarmed by offers, Sen. Marco Rubio is currently assessing future choices. Even Brewer is not overnight. You can BREW its own beer but after one day unless you spend this day in the castle brewery in the Castle United. At a beer seminar of a special kind, lovers of noble barley juice within three and a half hours learning how to make a BREW its own beer. For hops and malt are not necessarily lost, once there’s a portion of the theory. Participants can then translate their knowledge into a small microbrewery and a BREW a beer after their own ideas in small groups up to eight persons.

By the way the participants taste beers from the Eichhofener rock cellar with cheese and chocolate, to experience the full diversity of flavours around the favorite drink of Bavaria. The extracted wort in small barrels of beer is fermented at the South end. This first main fermentation the won is completed after five to seven days, Barley juice is bottled after ironing. After four to five weeks the participants will be sent to fermentation in the bottle their home-brewed beer. The next brewing days in northeastern held on 30 September, 28 October and 25 November 2010 and cost 49 euros per person. Information and bookings: City mouse Regensburg, Thun village first breed 1, 93047 Regensburg, Tel. 0941/230360-0, fax 0941/230360-15,,.