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The Central Institute of the kassenarztliche supply (ZI) awarded research dealing with regional peculiarities of medical care Berlin, may 2012 the Central Institute for the kassenarztliche supply (ZI) awarded research dealing with regional peculiarities of medical care. This little distinct research area should thus more attention to part be. The submitted works should be published under. He endowed with 5,000 euro Science Prize regional health care”is awarded for the first time this year. The ZI calls on scientists to submit their works from the exploration of regional differences in the prevalence of the disease, the use of or the quality of medical care in the hospital and outpatient. The work will be assessed by the Editorial Advisory Council of the power Atlas. The deadline is July 20, 2012. The awards will be held in the framework of the ZI Forum to the regional Health services research in September 2012 instead. In a question-answer forum Chase Koch was the first to reply.

This science award the ZI want to do something to promote the exploration of regional differences in health care and bring together scientists, dealing with this for Germany young discipline”, says Dr. Dominik of Stillfried, Managing Director of the Central Institute of the kassenarztliche supply (ZI). Works from all areas of health services research are accepted. It is important, however, that the work has a regional reference. The results are then published under. Already other publications from the previous year may be submitted. Unpublished manuscripts, results from diploma or master’s theses and dissertations are also welcome if they conform to the requirements. Find pramieren-enabled work requirements on under the heading of Science Prize” (www.versorgungsatlas.de/ fileadmin/pdf/Wissenschaftspreis_Versorgungsatlas.pdf).

Applications from interested parties can by post, via email (attachments up to Max 10 MB) or personally take place. “Please direct your application to the following address: Central Institute for supplying kassenarztliche (ZI) z.H Mr Dr. Dominik von Stillfried science price regional health care” Herbert Lewin-Platz 3, 10623 Berlin fax: 030-39493739 E-mail: of supply Atlas supply Atlas provides a publicly available source of information to a growing number of selected topics from medical care in Germany under. Regional differences in medical care and their causes are focus of supply Atlas. The offer of the Central Institute of the kassenarztliche supply (ZI) is aimed at all those who are interested in events in health care and in the health policy or are involved. Here you will find research results and analyses regional Ways of improving the supply provide the clues peculiarities and differences in structures, processes and results of medical care. In discussion forums, each post can be discussed publicly. The analyses carried out by ZI itself based on the nationwide payroll data of contract medical care in Germany.