Education X Education

Several are the studies and concepts on education, innumerable theologians try even though to explain and to define techniques and theories on the thematic one. Some most specific ones still try to study the learning form, analyzing since the child until the adult phase. But it will be that in the current context, such theories and concepts still can be had as absolute truths in way to a society formed for individuals that believe that education only means to know to read, to write, to calculate and to interpret? Obviously that the reply it is not. The education has much time left of being only one question to learn concepts of books to apply them in tests and tests, much even so this mercantilista vision has enormous force in the schools, mainly in the private ones, that they only prepare its pupils for competitions initial. But what it is really education? How it can change a society? Education in the real context of the word, means a change of behaviors and attitudes. It is to act ethical values in accordance with moral.

It is the society and world understanding. It is to know that all are one part all and that our actions influence direct and indirectly the world. It occurs that this vision more deep human being and of the education, was being in the esquecimento throughout the years. One remembers old you discipline that they existed in the schools, as Moral and Civic, for example, that it searched to form citizens for the life. That it taught the importance of the social paper of each one. That it inserted in the pupil the question of the rights and duties. What had as objective to become the individual a social and relacionvel being? One remembers the importance of the compliments, as Good Day, Good Afternoon and Good Night that the schools emphasized the pupils.