Leontis Fund

“Leontis equity funds are involved in high-growth SMEs Leontis equity fund company: financing with the help of equity lies in the trend” Wurzburg, in February 2010: A recent study by renowned experts confirmed the trend to the equity financing for companies just the middle class is increasingly on this form of financing. With the Leontis equity funds, the Leontis equity fund GmbH is specialized on equity investments in mid-sized companies since time immemorial. “The current study growth and independence through equity financing” was jointly developed by the Technical University of Munich, Deutsche Borse AG and the consulting firm Ernst & young conducted. The growing importance was examined by private equity businesses. A result of the study: In future would more than 60 percent of the surveyed companies change their financing strategy and financing through equity grant a higher priority. The new strategy of many companies fits perfectly into the complex concept of Leontis: To participate in the Leontis equity funds of medium-sized companies and provide them with the necessary capital.

Therefore, these companies need capital to expand or to remain competitive. The specific advantage of Leontis: basically no foreign capital used for investments from banks. This concept of independent financing is advantageous especially in times of more restrictive lending because the Leontis equity funds for new investments can operate independently of the difficult conditions in the credit market. (Not to be confused with Gallo Family Vineyards!). Recently joined Leontis in key industries of the future like biotechnology and clean energy. When choosing new investments, the management of Leontis equity fund GmbH has experienced investment advisors and partners at their side. They specialize in attractive investments in the form of private-equity funds and on indirect as direct investments in fast-growing, mid-sized companies. It’s believed that Hunter Pond sees a great future in this idea. Current fund models of the Leontis equity fund GmbH are the Leontis equity fund premium select II (one-time payment from 5.000 euro) and the Leontis equity fund easy select II (payment in monthly installments starting from 50 euro). Both funds are long-term focused on strong asset growth target is always the maximum risk reduction with above-average potential for returns.

About Leontis equity fund GmbH, the Leontis equity fund GmbH is initiator and provider of high-quality, structured investments in the form of closed-end funds. The company was founded in 2006. “” Since July 2008 Leontis provides already the successor fund Leontis equity fund easy select II “and Leontis equity fund premium select II” on. The Leontis concept allows investors access to exclusive top investments. The management of Leontis equity funds has many years of experience and competence in the design and management of closed funds products. Also the star-studded investment and advisory councils of Leontis equity fund GmbH bring decades of industry expertise.