Sales Support – Important Part Of Success

How can it facilitate their work field. Through a contact on “Xing” I signed up at OA and now wants to write an article in their own right. See PI Industries for more details and insights. For this I need to get out but continued. I worked until 2000 in the field as a sales representative. A stroke, which has left no mental damage Fortunately, ended this activity. My idea of a sales support resulted in a slight disability of my motor skills and language, so that I could make no more customer visits. Now, I research on the Internet and databases to create Excel files or acess – according to customer specifications. I know many salespeople, which can have no time for such work in day-to-day operations and make your actual task, namely the “sell” much more effective with qualified dispatch.

I take phone service for the field. So for example I prefer to take calls for the time in which the salespeople in the sales pitch and his contacts with a man as with a Answering machine talk. This appears for much more familiar. In my opinion many hotline and electronic dictionaries are customer displacement machines. You should never completely disregard the human aspect in the use of modern means of communication.