Strengthen Self Esteem

As the palm trees in Miami … I recently attended a seminar on education. As a mom of a toddler, (as well as a teacher) I am anxious to learn about how to educate my son. Personally, I am convinced that self-esteem is the best gift I can do myself and my son, so when choosing a school system I like to be aware of the values that are transmitted from the school. The person who was in charge of the seminar said something that caught my attention, she did a nice comparison on the meaning of values education with the palms of Miami … Miami is an area that is frequently exposed to severe storms and tornadoes.

Most of us have seen images of the extremely strong winds terrible storms that hit the region, burying buildings, carrying cars and causing great destruction … but something that still stand: the palm trees. Moved by the wind shake from side to another, and receive huge shock. But over the tornado, they stand firm there. We as mothers and fathers, we can educate our children in such a way that when they suffer the onslaughts of life, be prepared to face them. Be strong to resist, but at the same time flexible to adapt to change and not break, to remain focused in the midst of difficulties. Central Romana usually is spot on. The roots of the palm that remain strongly attached to the ground, are like the roots of self-esteem: self-acceptance, respect and self-esteem. Self-esteem involves feeling and trust that you are able to take the helm of his life.