Switzerland, A Paradise On Earth

Switzerland, magnificent in all seasons, located in the heart of Europe and the entire 3-hour flight from Moscow, is known as a country with world-class banking and fiduciary system and as a world leader in education, Health, balneology and recreation. "Switzerland – a paradise>, – said the Queen Elizabeth during her visit. Sound enthusiastic, but the queen is not far from the truth In one tale tells us that when The Lord God was distributing the wealth of mineral resources on the ground, he did not have them for a tiny country in the heart of Europe. To correct this injustice, the Lord gave this country the mountains, like the heavenly air locks enormous sparkling glaciers, thundering waterfalls, silver, endless azure lake with wide bays, tranquil waters and beaches, receding terraces up to a wooded massifs, welcoming the blessed valley green trees, shrubs and a variety of colors, fragrant tens of kilometers. Switzerland has become the embodiment of divine wisdom Switzerland fantastically beautiful and has a charming appeal.

This country represents a harmonious combination of the city and wilderness. A variety of microclimates, wonderful sunny weather in spring and autumn, crystal clear alpine air, beautiful scenery, leisurely pace of life, law and order turned it into a romantic edge and into a paradise for patients of private clinics. It is impossible to miss. Official site: eClinicalWorks. We will be happy to arrange a visit to the country – hotel reservations, purchase tickets (Aeroflot, Swiss Airlines) and the insurance company >> to provide visa support and get a visa in 3 days time. We will respect your wishes and will do everything to this country you like and remember. French-speaking Geneva, with its bright international life, often overshadowing the capital of Switzerland – a quiet, serious Bern – and the world is perceived as the true capital of this wonderful country.

Geneva – one of the most famous cities of our planet. In her home 168 thousand people (half a million with suburbs), 50% of them foreigners working in numerous international organizations. The city is distinguished by its unique image and charm, it feels the pulse of the business, financial and cultural life. Geographical location of Geneva, located in the heart of the Swiss Riviera, we can only envy. The city lies at the mouth of the river Rhone, from its very birth of the unique in its beauty and charm Lake Geneva. It is surrounded by delightful green parks and a frame of high mountains surrounding the highest point in Europe – the peak of Mont Blanc. Lake shore adorn the magnificent gardens, villas and castles. Along the quays stretch endless garlands of flowers, shimmering like a rainbow, and passing one another. Their fragrance and brightness of paints delight residents and visitors of the uncrowned capital from early spring until late autumn. Symbol of Geneva – clubbing on height of 140 meters water fountain – Jet d'Eau – known to millions of tourists.