Energy Crisis

Innovation Congress ‘Battery technology’ in the Haus der Technik new batteries for motor vehicles left in these months the research labs and become components in modern automobiles. The European automotive industry preparing to take over the lead in the introduction of lithium-ion batteries in hybrid cars worldwide. New mild hybrid concepts allow significant CO2 savings in perspective very favorable cost-benefit ratio. Also the traditional lead-acid starter battery undergoes a massive innovation thrust, to the challenges of growing electrical equipment to counter a low-cost solution to energy management and automatic stop start System. At the same time opportunities are required for the integration of fast-growing share of renewable energy sources into the power grid to provide the growing need for regulation.

On the part of the energy industry big hopes in the batteries of vehicles used to support this task. Recently Proper Topper sought to clarify these questions. Plug-in hybrids and pure battery-electric vehicles are increasing in Europe as an interesting opportunity seen, to replace crude oil as a primary source of energy for road transport and to reduce also the CO2 emissions. Such electric mobility means challenges for the control of the electric network, but offers also the opportunity to take advantage of millions of traction batteries, especially for further increasing share of renewable and fluctuating power generators as a buffer to the stabilisation of the network. But also for the short-term reduction of CO2 emissions solutions for conventional vehicles are currently produced or are already in series production. 5% fuel can be saved well by automatic stop/start system and regenerative braking. Can global by the large number of vehicles, which already today are equipped with the systems and will come in the next few years on the market, seen here in the short term a significant CO2 savings are realized.

Also here are the stores in the Center, because the load and the requirements increase significantly compared to the conventional wiring. Innovations in the field of lead Starter batteries will be discussed at the Congress, but also concepts consisting of combinations of lead-acid batteries and supercapacitors are an interesting technical option. The latest developments, trends, and perspectives are 20 21 January 2009 in Essen, Haus der Technik presents. Renowned international scientists and engineers come to the Conference and the tutorials to Essen to discuss the technical innovations and visionary uses new battery concept vehicles and other applications. This is in particular the double benefit of batteries in vehicles for the mobility and control of networks with increasing proportion of fluctuating electricity generation from renewable sources at the Center.