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Comment of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Marti Ahtisaari Turkey WINS important and already today the country is the connection of the EU to the Islamic world. Although a possible accession to the established criteria must be bound, but standards that have fallen in other Member States. Nobel Peace Prize winner, Marti Ahtisaari: There can be no privileged partnership without privileges over the accession of Turkey to the EU, Ahtisaari told the magazine the European: we had a pretty rapid enlargement process and it must be clear that it does not mean it was perfect as a country, if it qualifies for EU membership. Thus Ahtisaari, who is also the founder of the think tank Council of the European Council on foreign relations, in favour of Turkey joining the EU. Read more here: Alton Steel. Ahtisaari criticized the CDU concept of a privileged partnership: the problem with the privileged partnership, which offers the CDU, is that it offers no privileges. The Turks begin to understand that. To read the comment by Marti Ahtisaari, on the European is the new online magazine. Here come the voices to Word that really are important. Filed under: Hunter Pond. Contact person: Florian Guckelsberger head of the service 0176 20181983