Radiographic Identification Technique

Clarification to be included all procedures and techniques that have been broken for photography as a means of attachment. 4-What is the Anthropometric Identification? The anthropometric identification is the treaty of the proportions and measurements of the human body. Systematic technique is to measure and make observations on the human body, skeleton, skull and other organs, using appropriate methods and scientists. The extent of their observations and measurements is limited only by the nature of the problems to which they apply, therefore, rules, divisions, measures and indices are always conventional character. Anthropometry is thus not a science but a simple technique and should not be considered as an end but a means. This technique is practiced mainly for the identification of living people, when there are photographs of the alleged perpetrator of a lawful, some detained or lost or when required to compare photographs of a person. In anthropometry requires certain conditions: for-each measure must correspond to a precise nature has to be selected carefully to be able to express numerically and unambiguously positive dimension have interest. b-measures must be comparable to those taken with other researchers, it is necessary therefore that there is a uniform technique, with rigorous definition of boundary points for each measure, with exact description of the same name and identical for each.

c-a good technique is good instruments, ie instruments built ad hoc. 5-What is Radiographic Identification? X-rays are part of the forensic sciences, we can establish positive identification by comparing antemortem skeletal radiographs and postmortem. As a rule it takes at least two radiografias.utilizando radiographic techniques, you can make positive identifications classified as specific and scientific. In the scientific method is a database containing the skeletal system configuration analizado.este such studies will focus on changes in the frontal sinuses, mastoid processes sella. and the method used to compare specific features found in X-rays taken of corpses, with another person who will be missing. X-rays are also helpful in determining whether there are charred bones and if there antemortem plates, in this way is possible to identify the victim. 6 – A brief summary of the portrait spoke? The sketch is an artistic discipline in which it is drawn portrait or face of a person whose identity is lost or ignored. are taken as a physiognomic data provided by witnesses, individuals who knew or had before them who is described. there are several features of the sketch expert influencing the outcome of the drawing, to avoid confusion, conducts research, geographically located, reconstructed as a tool for anthropology and physical characteristics of projects in chronological order individual characteristics of a subject.