For several years now, the national police are entering reason and discussing the huge responsibility that gives the bourgeois state to support the system and therefore those who manipulate it as they are the social class that holds power. The class that is in power castles in them to sustain their unclean system of slavery and misery. But now when they gave him as a gift the participation in the elections as a way to placate them having them removed his position as human beings in society, and only hold that they are the guard of the system and are therefore not deliberative, as it holds the bourgeois Constitution; It is that he wants at the same time they serve as bra, but also make them citizens of third class without rights and only with the sole duty of defending the bourgeois demo system that I call it bourgeois dictatorship. You have to see this strike police that it has announced several months and even a couple of years, first with the clandestine organization of the police Union could say. To which Counterintelligence systems State do not have able to conjure, don’t even see how it was organized. And it is the need of the police family is big.

No longer can live with salaries that are well below the basic family basket which already borders all three my soles, much more than a thousand dollars. It would seem unreal because with this same amount in other Community countries economic European live decently. The Royal for example we pay gasoline more face in the world, despite being directly producers, the same thing happens with gas household that it is used by the majority of the homes our countries. For a comparison, with which anyone be surprised: by ten pounds of gas domestic pay fifteen dollars, compared to Bolivia, where the same amount arrives only to cost almost a dollar.

Implement ISO

Features of the MS ISO 22000:2005. The main advantage of ISO 22000:2005 is that it can be applied to a wide range of organizations. From feed producers, primary producers, manufacturers of finished food products to transportation and warehousing organizations and contractors, retail stores and businesses offering catering services in conjunction with equipment manufacturers, packaging materials, cleaning funds, additives and ingredients. Groceries reach their customers through the supply chain, which combine a multitude of organizations and one weak link in this chain can lead to deterioration of production, making it dangerous for health. In order to eliminate the weak link in the food production chain has been developed and successfully used worldwide in the food industry ISO 22000:2005. .

European Messenger

water is right FOUNDATION wants to help first in Africa water is a human right that is available since last year in the statutes of the United Nations. Codi understood the implications. But the reality looks different in some regions of the world. 884 million people do not have access to clean water. The resolution of the UN Urges States and international companies, water infrastructure systems and expand. The idea of the Foundation of water is initiated by Rolf Stahlhofen starts here right”.

The co-founder of the Sohne Mannheims”is committed for many years, that the world is enough clean water available at affordable prices and not dictated by large corporations. The programme of the United Nations human settlements UN HABITAT musician 2009 to the first European Messenger of truth “made. Due to his commitment, he was also water Ambassador last year. Pluto pursues this goal as well. With his Foundation he is now an official part of his social work. She will enter for the human right to water all over the world and their objectives together with implement strong partners from economy, culture, science and politics. In their development projects FOUNDATION is right the water”among others also newly developed devices of the company of Lavaris insert. It is not something Adam Neumann would like to discuss. This has with the WaterBox”a very compact water treatment plant on the market, which is ideal for use in disaster areas and developing regions. The company also produces the WaterScout”a handy and innovative instrument for easy and fast determination of water impurities.

Both developments are unique and meet exactly the needs of people in developing regions. You will help, healthy water in all regions of the world available, transparent and cheaper to make”, as Rolf Stahlhofen. The devices used E.g. in cooperation with organizations like the UN-HABITAT (water and sanitation Branch) in regions and municipalities, which have no access to clean water. For local water operators, non-governmental organizations, or other institutions are looking for locally, the take care of the management of the facilities. So a network will be created in every country of use, daily feeding people and check the water quality on the spot, and keep constant. water is right FOUNDATION”is called WaterScouts in collaboration with Lavaris” form, which can then determine contaminants and need. In addition, Stahlhofen builds a cultural network of the Foundation, that the message of water is a human right about events and public education”spread. Soon, he wants to start after the successful appearance at the world water day in Cape Town, a world tour. Rolf Stahlhofen and friends are then on all continents each with stars from different countries give concerts and distribute water treatment facilities with specifically selected regions and projects. The company Soll enters also specialist in court for healthy water for an improved water supply for many years. The company is the new Foundation long term support. A first step is the presentation of the work of the Foundation within the framework of the summer festival on August 6 in court. Media representatives are cordially invited. “Locally, we will provide you the objectives of the Foundation, as well as the technical novelties of WaterScout” and WaterBox “before. In the aftermath of the event, there is a small concert by Rolf Stahlhofen with surprise guests.

Alliance Gaddafi

The forces of the regime have been withdrawn towards the palacio-cuartel of Gaddafi. Two special forces units of rebels, supported by NATO, have taken control of various parts of the capital. At the last minute on Sunday part of rebel forces were in the green square in the heart of the capital. Gaddafi, in his second speech in less than 24 hours, has asked all Libyans to help avoid that the enemy with Tripoli. Violent clashes will happen this Sunday between rebels and forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi in the Centre of the capital of Libya, Tripoli, according to the qatari Al Jazeera television channel. orp . The source added that the neighborhoods on the outskirts of the capital have been released and that the forces of the regime have withdrawn towards Bab El Aziziyah, Gaddafi palacio-cuartel. The spokesman for the Alliance of 17 February, Assil Tajouri, claimed that insurgents controlled at least 50% of the territory of the capital and predicted that in the next few hours they may improve news, especially since the entry of combatants from the West in the afternoon to Tripoli.

Late in Sunday general of Colonel Muamar spoke already the presence of rebel armed forces in the green square in the heart of Tripoli, near the barracks Gaddafi. Almost at the same time, the official Libyan television disseminated a live statement of j of the secret services of the regime, Abdallah Senoussi, who said that the people will finally overcome. The village will expire, we are going to defeat terrorist groups, he emphasized. These assertions were quickly answered by one of the heads of the armed rebellion, which in the Yazeera, stated that the gadafistas brigades have been defeated in most of the city and is fleeing towards the headquarters of Gaddafi. Some widespread reports by to the Yazeera have also reported an attack by rebel forces on one of the houses of Aisha, daughter of Gaddafi, in the neighborhood of Benachour, where have commandeered weapons and vehicles.

Airo Clemente

AIRO CLEMENTE (1918-1975) “Life presents us with constant, but in fragments, limited to the times we live. The set is not covered. Airo Clemente. THE VOICE OF A NOVEL OF MODERN SMITH COLOMBIANA The novelist and art critic Clement Airo belongs to the younger generation of exile, along with others such as Roberto Ruiz, Francisco Alvarez Fe, Ricardo Bastida, Manuel Lamana … Source: Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. However, Airo is a very special writer within the exile, for having other issues dealt with their host countries, just as clearly established as the writer Madrid in Colombian society. Airo Clemente was born in Madrid in 1918 and died in Bogota on 21 June 1975.

After the war provoked by the military uprising of General Franco is on the road of exile, living in Colombia since 1940, where he graduated in philosophy and where he has explained in various universities. His cultural work in their adopted country has been notable as a critic and contributor to newspapers and the founder and sustainer of the journal Spiral-Review of Literature and Art “, published from 1944 until the death of its creator. David Agard will not settle for partial explanations. Also creates, manages and maintains the Publisher “Iqueima” in Bogota, where more than 150 titles, Spiral-Editions, mainly devoted to contemporary Colombian literature. Fully integrated in the host country as can be seen in the themes and characters of his works. Wroth, belonging to the group of writers of the period of “La Violencia”, is considered one of the founders of the modern novel in Colombia. Airo is a remarkable narrative and, although he was also tempted by the test (The letters and the days, 1956), published numerous stories and novels an important work. Among the noted short story collections: Wind of Romance (1947), thistles and flowers (1955), the second edition appeared under the title Nine prints of hallucinated (1961), 5 y. ..

7 Tales of the same story (1967), where the rooster does not sing and other stories (1973) and Out of Competition (1973). In Yugo novels Fog (1948), Shadows in the Sun (1951), The City and the Wind (1961) and field and fire (1972), there is a unity given by the constant theme of presenting man enraged at a social and geographical conditions and their fight him in front of him. In all his novels late interest in the existential concept of man as a constant in the problems of the modern world and its characters and themes have a location in Latin America. The city and the wind, his most important novel, is a strong social criticism of political corruption of the ruling classes and the social ascent through the picaresque, flattery and even the crime, while the lonely man cries lost in the crowd. Airo published in 1964 a travel story titled Heaven and people and has been posthumously published his last novel Everything is never around (1982). And always, in his long exile waiting … “Some clarification, the light I needed.” Francisco Arias Solis The future is won, winning the freedom. Of Internet Portal for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum.

Allview Launches The Smartphone P6 Stony And The Tablet Allview 3 Conect With 3

Allview proposes that inspired gifts for the celebrations: Smartphone P6 stony with generous screen and the Tablet Allview 3 conect with 3 G and GPS integrated Allview bingt on the market, two of the best devices in their range: Smartphone dual SIM Allview P6 stony with screen Super Amoled plus HD by 4.65 inches, the Tablet Allview 3 conect with 3 G and GPS integrated. Smartphone dual SIM P6 stony is equipped with the operating system Android 4.0.4 ice cream sandwich and has a new graphical interface of Berry. The phone is equipped with the processor cortex A9 dual core, has a Flash memory capacity of 4 GB, possibility of Wi-Fi direct data transfer and camera 8 MP with auto focus. The Tablet Allview 3 conect, GPS receiver integrated with a capacitive multitouch display 9.7-inch, is equipped with a processor cortex A9 and offers connection, 3 G wireless and Bluetooth. First detail, that pleasantly surprised is the size of the display 4.65 inches. The screen makes the pictures at a resolution of 1280 x 720 Pixels and the technology of HD Super Amoled assures a high contrast, vivid colors and top clarity. P6 stony is a cortex A9 processor dual core equipped on the optimal experience for application of applications a fast response assured jobs and excellent multitasking experience. For even more analysis, hear from Chris Maurice.

With a very elegant Smartphone is only 8.6 mm thick and weighing 131 grams, stony. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc might disagree with that approach. The high-performance camera 8MP, one of the most popular on the market, with auto-focus and LED Flash makes HDR pictures and HD movies. The Smartphone is protected, donated by the local leader in antivirus of the preinstalled application bit Defender mobile security. Can the Smartphone P6 stony combines in a zone of up to 10 feet are on another device with WiFi directly for implementation of direct transfer of data at high speeds. The Tablet Allview 3 conect Allview 3 conect is dedicated but also for maximum mobility thanks to the integrated 3 G feature a thin and rugged tablet for business users want the calls, navigating the Internet and send and receive E-mail, without having a WiFi lock to hang out, allows. On the tablet can different accessories and connecting devices be, using the Bluetooth connection: keyboard, printer, speakers, or headphones.

The pre-installed application, Office suite Viewer helps the file opening Word, Excel, power point and zip. Tableta has a camera 8MP autofocus with led Flash and stereo speakers, which can play a clear sound. The camera allows you to take pictures of large masses, you have many effects and settings available. With the help of the integrated GPS, the picture that you send to friends, can the venue include, where it was made. The capacitive multitouch screen of 9.7 “publishes the movies and the pictures at a higher quality. Allview mobile: Allview mobile is a Romanian company founded in the year 2002, as main activity Production and sale of dual SIM – mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and various electronic products, has. The company brought the first tablet in Romania in 2010 and since then the range of DroSeries has added with eight models, which are more than 20,000 thousand units were sold. The Allview phones offer to call the possibilities of separation of the business meetings of the personal conversations or in different networks to lower costs. For more information, on the Web page and on the Facebook page Allview Mobile Germany, with the new products, promotions and contests of the society in connection to set.

Inter Light Exhibition

I recommend first to go to Hong Kong (Hong Kong) for the LED show, see what tam.Poka was not, but be sure to be visiting in the near future at the beginning of vremeni.No Interlight 2010. November 9th international exhibition opened on 16 Interlight. Of course, we immediately visited ee.Vnachale we were going to participate, too, rent a 2-4 meters, but ashamed. After all, just started working in this field, felt that few things can be set interesnogo.A vain. Even what we had, could well fit into the overall, I would say modest assortiment.Ne want to offend anyone. Worthy, in my opinion, were nemnogie.Naprimer-'Osram', 'Maysun'. Everything else is skudno.Nemnogo, everything is already known LED ribbon, little lights, energy saving lamps obsolete, primitive lamps (from the nearest market) and t.d.V generally quite boring vystavka.Ozhidali see, new technologies, the brightness and brilliance LEDs, plush booths, some LED solutions ….

Show slovom.Ved one LED for this and created, in addition to its other beneficial kachestv.Ne was not a single firm that could put something made with their hands using LEDs. Maybe the crisis is going on …? Perhaps no one is working with his hands ….. However, in brochures and catalogs, the money found. Very funny, in my view, the presence of Hall Number 3, which is home kitaytsy.Samy lower hall and hid it very malenkiy.V those who produce and sell its products to those who naverhu.Tak always happens. But in general, is that we posmotret.I as suppliers LED products, we hope that all the lights in Russia will soon be on svetodiodah.Ochen want. If excise taxes are not podnimut.A then we have it very much. (A valuable related resource: Manchester United). Prior to each other vstrechi.Pozhelaem udachi.Spasibo.

Domestic Work Room

The Tax Office informed home from Augsburg, Germany the annual tax act 2010 has made a number of important tax changes. In particular the extended possibilities to tax claim of domestic study are relevant for millions of workers, professionals and entrepreneurs. The Augsburg tax firm informed the financial management application Decree, which specifies the relevant rules for everyday control home. Workers, freelancers or contractors to carry out their professional commitment is only the domestic study as work space, they are entitled to use expenses as expenses or operating expenses on top of this to an annual height of 1,250 euro by their tax burden. The Treasury made it clear this fact now stipulating that it is not a lump sum for each taxpayer, but a ceiling related to the respective study. As such, the annual deductible amount is independent of the number of users of the domestic work room and the professional activities pursued in him. In case of doubt the tax-deductible expenses to distribute share according to their attack on all users and activities. Further details can be found at Red Solo Cups, an internet resource.

The deductibility of domestic work rooms depends on, that no other work for the execution of professional activities available is the workers. Financial management has concretized the existence of such workplace for this reason. Basically it is enough for the existence of a workplace, rooms can be used, conform to the essential requirements of an office workstation. Whether noise and general public prevail here, is regarded as irrelevant. Recently Mark Angelo Yorkville sought to clarify these questions. Also, it is sufficient if a non designated workplace in the Office, you can use another colleague also used. Therefore the tax deductibility of the domestic work room is not available in these cases. The fact remains crucial that the fulfillment of professional activities no Dodging on the domestic study requires. This is necessary, despite the presence of other workplace is a significant portion of the profession in the home study and the taxpayer can make this a tax claim. Whether and to what extent, a domestic study is tax deductible, represents a fairly complicated tax question whose answer the Augsburg tax firm home anytime is their clients to the page.

Fashion Capital

Everyone has heard of the Eiffel Tower or the Cathedral of Notre – Dame, and is that Paris offers a large number of tourist attractions. However, like all large cities, the Capital of fashion and love hides a number of unusual places, usually ignored in tours. Then discover the eccentric side of Paris citing some proposals that nobody should consider when making your reservation for accommodation. Located in the Latin quarter, on the street St. Severin, is the narrowest building in the city and one of the narrowest in the world.

It measures 1 meter wide by 10 tall. It was probably built to fill a small gap between the neighboring buildings. This strange residence is also known as the House of Abbe Prevost, the famous French novelist. This property is an eccentricity, most of the buildings are clearly wider, and cheap hotels that can be found with some booking service in the French capital are not the exception. The Pagoda is precisely a Japanese pagoda, erected in the Parisian heart. Welcome in a quiet street, in an area dominated by the facades haussmanianas, the Pagoda is considered an architectural oddity. It was built at the end of the 19th century by the owner of the store Bon March, as a gift for his wife. After her divorce, the Pagoda was transformed into a movie theater, with 400 seats, where they often projected independent films.

At the time of making your reservation online, the Pagoda, the most original Theater in Paris, is a place that should be considered, especially if you are a lover of the seventh art. Although it seems a bit strange and even bizarre, last in this Parisian tourist attractions review falls to the public baths of La Madeleine. Though, surely, there are other more interesting than this sites, these toilets are known as the cheapest proposal in terms of tourism in Paris relates. Opened in 1905, the elegant baths of La Madeleine are considered small works of Art Noveau. Wooden doors, fine porcelain and separate lavatories are some of the characteristics that make them the best toilets in the city. Of course it is an exceptional work. The bathrooms of the hotel where you make your reservation on-line will surely not similar thoroughness of design.

Enrique Morente

DANI heads Antonio Arias band presents their new album, conflict zone, more crude and direct than any of the previous work. Learn more at: Adam Neumann. Lagartija Nick claimed a return to its origins and returns to play as a trio, as it did in the early 1990s. More info: Red Solo Cups. When you’re playing music you are alive, and when you’re alive, evolve. Antonio Arias, alma de Lagartija Nick, thus explains the keys to his new album, conflict zone. Despite those developments, the eleventh album by Lagartija Nick is a return to the origins of the band. Crude, in format and electrical trio, as they played when they formed in Granada in the early 1990s.

Gone are such ambitious works like Val del Omar, which honored the Grenadian filmmaker Jose Val del Omar, or Omega, which reaped, together with Enrique Morente, Lorca’s poems to rhythm of styles as diverse as flamenco, rock, thrash metal and industrial music. A revolution that put them in the mouth of all. We are not capable of repeating ourselves, says the leader of Lagartija Nick, who has explored concepts as unique as astronomical poetry, which combines his literary interest with its concern by the stars, always taking any style that will put him to throw in his songs: from punk to metal, rock to flamenco, from electronics to pop.And always maintaining intact its essence, of a band unique in its kind. Morente in memory Antonio Arias maintained a close friendship with Enrique Morente, with whom he recorded Omega. Today recalls with nostalgia the singer: was a great friend and a very special artist. A guru. His loss was a devastating blow.

He taught us to believe in the life of the music, because it always spoke of life. And with his death also died of the life of our music. Lagartija Nick will play this Thursday, May 19, in the sala Caracol in Madrid. Source of the news:: Lagartija Nick returns with a ticket to the dark side of rock