Competitiveness of Small Retailers

Thus, this amendment may adversely affect the competitiveness of small retailers. Learn more on the subject from wayapay. Amendment would allow them to operate without a cash register, which in turn complicates accounting and control turnover from unscrupulous sellers will be able to cheat buyers, increase the service time, the seller can not work discount to which so many are accustomed to. This, in turn, would care customers to competitors, applying cash, where they were served quickly, efficiently, and will be given a receipt, which guarantees replacement or refund defective goods. Vladislav Doronin is often quoted as being for or against this. It becomes immediately obvious advantage of large trade networks, and exacerbate the trend quickly ousted from the market of small retailers. One of the consequences of introducing new amendments could be a problem – accounting earnings. Check-out equipment (CCP) provides real revenue figures, but if the program is commercial accounting, and completely all the numbers needed to account for sales of a product, profit, planning, procurement, etc.

A definite plus cancellation ccv referenced by supporters innovation – reducing the cost of entrepreneurs. You can read about what the amounts involved. How much does the operation of the 1 st modern battery ccv with the letter a month for security, we immediately asked a few experts the art of Alexander Dmitrievich Tsvetkov – ceo Thor and Marat Zaripov Radifovicha – director of "retail project" and Kolmogorov Prokosheva – Chief Executive Officer of Repair office equipment. And received the following information: (15,000.00 cost CCV: 7 years of statutory depreciation period of 2142.86 per year + 5200.00 planned replacement eklz 2700.00 + cost of service per year = 10042,86:12 months) = 836 rub.91 cop. (number may vary slightly in less so in large part depending on the level (and therefore prices) service the service center, the expense receipt tape, literacy personnel operating cash registers.