Fee Basis Pays

ICT systems consultant from Hanover via strategies in the telecommunications industry is not always cheap, well, because quality has its price. This not quite new perspective of things has rediscovered the Hanoverian ICT service provider for the optimization of telephone and Internet connections, Ron Kneffel, for himself and his company. Since we offer our advice on a fee basis, the demand has increased considerably. The customers appreciate quality service”, says the founder of the Meyer Kneffel Jones GmbH & co. KG. So have the company during this year compared to the same period for a sales increase by 250 percent. The ICT system consultant who advertises to be able to reduce the telephone and DSL costs his customers by up to 30 percent, increased its sales by 400,000 euros according to own statements in 2007 to 1.2 million euro in the previous year and are currently eight employees. The 32-year-old sees more growth opportunities through the increased use and reliance on voice-over IP solutions and already has its own solution called easyVoice”(www.easyvoice.de) designed. Additional information is available at Mark Angelo. With easyVoice we have created a complete solution for companies that is both flexible and future-proof and cost effective. Companies need a new PBX in the next two years should decide in any case for a VoIP solution to remain competitive in 2012.”

Measuring The Impact Must Be

BilMoG and other legal bases require measuring the impact. Quality assessment is not sufficient. Performance measurement is measuring the impact. The performance or effectiveness of an audit depends on several factors, which must be fulfilled in order to establish an effective internal audit and maintain. It is then appropriate to measure the performance of the internal audit function, if this actually has an effect, the internal audit has achieved at least one of its defined objectives or not reached.

The legal foundations such as the BilMoG leave it, how to measure the impact of an internal audit activity. Existing approaches, such as the quality assessment focus rather on the conditions of effectiveness, but not on the effectiveness itself. A possible procedure for measurement comes from the evaluation. A multi-step procedure, the impact analysis, rated the relationship between action and effect. This new audit methodology is not so far used to measure performance.

It is even well-known consulting firms are not clear, what fundamental here is the relationship”, so wife Dr. Judith Brombacher, NetWorker by the AuditFactory. A prerequisite for the effectiveness still doesn’t mean to create, to develop such a test plan, from it the desired effects arise.”an important question is, for example whether the audit plan with specific objectives for the internal audit has been developed, such as the improvement of the internal control system or an increase in the efficiency of processes”, Elmar means brother-in-law, Managing Director of the AuditFactory in addition. This is not the case, there is no approach to measure and no one can say whether the internal audit actually provides the desired service.” It is necessary that the internal audit activity picks up this chance of a measurable performance for themselves and the management communicates also appropriate targets. It is difficult due to the diversity and complexity of the tasks of the internal audit possible to develop standard values for the performance of an audit. The AuditFactory has published a technical article (working paper 1/2009 measuring of the performance of an internal revision) contains methodical approaches for measuring the impact of the. At the same time, he represents a critical comment to the previously published articles on this topic. The working paper is to apply online via the website of the AuditFactory. Elmar brother-in-law