OpenCms Days 2011 – Call For Papers

OpenCms days 2011 call for papers. Deadline to register her speech, PowerPoint presentation, workshop or lecture: 1st March 2011. The OpenCms days 2011 will be organized by Monday, may 09, Tuesday, may 10, 2011 in Cologne. Submission deadline for presentation proposals is March 01, 2011 presentation proposals are welcome! Each presentation should take a total of 60 minutes. A typical presentation should last 45 minutes followed by a 15-minute discussion. Other presentation formats such as workshops, round table, etc. are of course also possible.A lecture proposal should project on the topic have a successfully completed OpenCms and be of practical use to the audience, in the form of a module or OpenCms extension, which is available free of charge. This could for example be: OpenCms versions tailored to a specific use case that the developer would like to share with the community.

Developed modules or extensions, the open source were the successful implementation of customer requirements in a OpenCms project. Only lectures are approved, which are of fundamental interest for all OpenCms users. Company or product presentations are not accepted. The OpenCms days 2011 is aimed at an international audience. Therefore, the Conference language is English. Deadline for presentation proposals is March 01, 2011.

The full conference programme will be released on March 16, 2011, on the site of the Conference. The OpenCms days 2011 will be organized by Alkacon Software GmbH. The aim of the event is promoting the spread of OpenCms and the OpenCms community strengthening. Call for papers open until March 1st – lecture proposals to the website of the OpenCms days 2011 are welcome!

Bolivian Professionals With JAVA Know-how On The Rise

community4you fourth training phase successfully completes the fourth and last presence phase of the training action in the field of Java programming for Bolivian professionals in La Paz (Bolivia) took place In February 2011. Here the module “Analysis and Design Using UML” and developing architectures for Enterprise Java applications (J2EE) were successfully completed. The online Coachingphase to these two modules is now until April 2011. It adjoins the exam preparation. An audit is carried out in August 2011. Then, after passing the exam, participants will receive a certificate. Also, the demand for a continuation of the course is immense.

Therefore, talks about a renewed implementation of the training action run already after the end of the project. The education project aims to promote the education and training of Bolivian IT specialists in the form of blended learning courses. In cooperation with various Bolivian companies, of the Universidad Mayor de San Andres (UMSA) and the Universidad Catolica San Pablo Boliviana (UCB) students and professionals received by specialists of community4you GmbH a comprehensive training in the programming language Java. Between the periods of personal attendance can Bolivian participants with the help of the innovative learning management system comm.lms ( de/produkte/bildung-elearning/lms/index.html) by community4you GmbH online train their knowledge, check out and expand. The community4you GmbH promotes this 24-month project of PPP the education and training of IT professionals through a comprehensive qualification action in the field of Java programming. The project is funded within the framework of the programme of the Federal Ministry for economic cooperation and development (BMZ) through sequa gGmbH. Info: community4you GmbH which community4you GmbH ( is an innovative IT company, which focuses on software development in the areas of document and content management, fleet management, exhibition management, team work and knowledge management and education & specializes in e-learning.

The community4you GmbH develops both standard products and special solutions on the basis of the own software framework open-ice ( As a company the community4you one GmbH the software development and implementation of IT applications and enterprise portals their core competencies. The community4you GmbH was founded on 1 January 2001 and supervised OTTO today customers such as Messe Frankfurt GmbH & Co KG, VW, BGW, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Messe AG, Commerzbank and Deutsche Bahn as well as ministries and institutions of public administration. Press contact community4you GmbH Stephan Corwin Handel Strasse 9 09120 Chemnitz FON: +49(0)371 909411-0 fax: +49(0)371 909411-111 eMail:

Bizerba Manager

Cloud computing is models Rebetky according to IT expert Andreas not new, and perhaps more as a continuation of the Gridgedankens ten years, namely the use of network resources, computing to see from the outlet or ASP. “The reality is different, though: the performance is limited by the complexity of the applications”, so the concerns of Rebetzky, Director global informaton at the technology specialists Bizerba. She have always suffered the weakest link in the chain. And that changes at the camp: morning the CPU, I/O behavior and then maybe the network performance. We should come back to the ground of reality and value-enhancing use the technologies available, rather than to compress the fog with slogans”, calls the Bizerba Manager.

The CIO Magazine wanted to know what are the healing promise of cloud computing. Each second is called followed by possible savings in hardware and administration as well as a better scalability and flexibility, Access to skills, which must not be developed within the company. (28 percent). Conversely, the study participants are not blind to the risks and problems with cloud computing. Here, too, there is a clear front-runner: safety (45 percent of the mentions). This is followed by the integration with existing systems, as well as the loss of control over the data (26 percent each).

In addition, concerns about the availability play a role (25 percent). The CIO magazine indicates that some fundamental issues are still unclear. For example, cloud computing is related to virtualization and the provider took care is still not, as virtual machines between physical servers with processors of from different vendors can be back and forth.

State Company

In the DatCenterModel, customers can test the latest technique to control room live Lufthansa also has one, the Beck’s Brewery, and Deutsche Telekom. But what all these companies have in common? Each of these companies has a State of the art data center, which guarantees a smooth day 365 days around the clock. These data centers are the heart of any large company. But rarely interested in insight into such highly secured IT areas. In the first model data center of in Germany, the DatCenterModel (DCM) in Frankfurt, every interested party can so see since September 2008 live control room. A valid passport is a must if you want to embark on the high security area.

Observed by countless camera eyes reaching through a sheath of person in the control room. In addition to JST 17 companies here present their latest technology, from the video wall above the latest environmentally friendly air conditioning fire protection systems. What constitutes a perfect control room, can be tried here and reviewed. The company Jungmann Systemtechnik”(JST), which is focused on the States of control rooms, presents a control station in live mode with a proactive system of large picture. Prior to the opening of the DCM they showed their technique interested in practical application only in the operation of other customers.

A wrong button could shut down there ever a whole company. Mehmet Oz addresses the importance of the matter here. In the DatCenterModel, it is possible and desirable, that the customer is on the large screen and even once, operator and controller plays”, so Kay Hansen, co-founder and Managing Director of Jungmann system technology. There the customer then perhaps trigger a dangerous alarm, but then only playful nature.” For the company itself, as well as for the new customers the experience of workspaces in the practice is a significant improvement. According to Hansen, a visit to sufficient to understand the complex technology. The company was founded in the year 2001 JST shows in the model data center a large screen with four 40-inch screens, with other Control technique of partner companies is interconnected. Who wants to see these screens live, which can go even to Media Markt”, Kay Hansen explains, it is interesting but control the screens”. So the video wall with any technology could be linked and depending on the situation, a person in the access control on the screen or even a power failure appears either. The initiator and its partners have invested two years preparation and nearly 250 000 euros to bring the diverse and extensive technology new and prospective customers. Since its opening in September 2008 many customers on the way is already did to Frankfurt, to visit the DCM. Here you can meet the model Center not only in a guided tour, with classrooms, the DCM is waiting. A visit is possible only by prior arrangement. Interested parties contact Jungmann system technology that, to make an appointment. A timely registration is recommended, as the DCM already is very popular delighted.