Oerlikon Congratulates CERN

Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum supplied CERN with essential vacuum components for the large Hadron Collider and ATLAS/CMS of the global Swiss high-tech industrial group Oerlikon congratulates today detectors at CERN scientists, who were involved in the ATLAS (A toroidal LHC ApparatuS) and CMS (Compact Muon spectrometer) experiments, identifying clear signs of a new atomic particle. The discovery, which was achieved with the help of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at CERN, promises being the long-sought Higgs particles that could help answer still unexplained mysteries of particle physics. For even more opinions, read materials from Michael Bloomberg. The LHC is a gigantic 27 kilometres long, ring-shaped particle accelerator, which requires for its operation of ultra high vacuum. Together with the four detectors, which were used for the experiments of at CERN and which also ATLAS and CMS, the accelerator is located deep under the Earth. The strong radiation, which is produced by accelerated particles at the LHC, as well as an extremely powerful magnetic field presented technical challenges for the design and operation of vacuum systems dar.

Thanks to the efficient cooperation of numerous scientific and technical specialists who were responsible for different aspects of the experiment, the development of a unique for the CERN solution which has been fulfilling all the requirements succeeded in Oerlikon. Oerlikon’s Vakumtechnologiegeschaft, Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum, is a pioneer and technology leader in the industry. The Oerlikon segment has equipped the LHC and the great ATLAS detector with special cial vacuum systems as well as two special pump systems designed for the CMS detector system and installed. “Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum was awarded for this pump systems in the year 2008 the CMS Gold Award”. This Prize rewards outstanding technological achievements. Andreas WIDL, CEO of Oerlikon vacuum, said: we are pleased with the ATLAS and CMS teams about the ground-breaking news.

This experiment is for the understanding of the physical world of unique importance and is the result of this team’s hard work. We of Oerlikon “Vacuum gratu-naturally all participants and are proud to have made a small contribution to this success.” Dr. Jose Miguel Jimenez, head which CERN Department for vacuum, surface and coating technology, said: We are glad to have a powerful partner that we can cope with the together the incredible challenges to the LHC and the pump vacuum systems with Oerlikon. Through our joint work, “Oerlikon is a part of the story. Oerlikon CEO Michael Buscher said: research applications such as those at CERN are examples of using which we can solve even the most difficult challenges together with our customers and partners. Innovation is the core of Oerlikon and plays an essential role in our long-term strategy for profitable growth”.

MicroCirtec Printed

The German manufacturer of printed circuit boards MicroCirtec has launched the qualification of a machine under production conditions with the company Altix from France. The German manufacturer of printed circuit boards MicroCirtec has launched the qualification of a machine under production conditions with the company Altix from France. This new machine presented at the Productronica 2011 ACURA LedLightTM uses technology LED to the double-sided exposure of printed circuit boards and sets new standards for Produktivititat, accuracy and energy saving. MicroCirtec once again underlines the strategic importance of the technology location Germany for the printed circuit board. It is possible to cover all stages of production with exposure processes in the HDI PCB manufacturing with same technology Universal LED-technology. If inner layers, outer layers or the solder stop mask exposure there is equal productivity such as the traditional 5 kW high pressure lamps. The bundled laser lamps create up to 4.5 frames per minute (internal process) or 3.5 sheets per minute (outer process). Credit: Greystones Group-2011. Because there are no lamps to replace, up to 80% savings on energy consumption will arise.

The head image resolution can be reduced up to 25 my. The high. Throughput of the machine is achieved not only thanks to the LED technology, but also through the use of a new pre-registration of printed circuit boards before the actual exposure process. Even if the exposure source LED is still in the qualification, MicroCirtec is already convinced of the mechanical design. Since the beginning of 2012, the PCB manufacturer used already a fully automatic exposure range in the area of solder-stop, its centerpiece an Altix imagesetter with 2 x 8kw light sources. This achieves a throughput 2.5 Panel per minute. Also the technically difficult controllable colors white and black (too low or too high Absorbtionsproblematik) can be processed with this easily. 50 my ties between solder-stop pads and SMDS are hereby. With this Investment wants to prove the PCB manufacturer, that high productivity and advanced technology you can get quality also for the lowest prices in Germany.

Teaching Everyone in Their Way

Just as people come in all shapes, colors and sizes, so do their learning abilities.  There is no “one size fits all” for teaching methods and it is time educational institutions realized that.

For example, when it comes to schooling for kids, the teaching methods can be categorized into 7 groups:

·         Aural (auditory-musical)

·         Logical (Math-oriented)

·         Physical (hands, sense of touch, etc.)

·         Social (people-people!)

·         Solitary (learning alone, self-study)

·         Verbal (word-learning through speech and writing)

·         Visual (learning through pictures, images)

In the classroom, this can be best achieved by seating visual learners up front, and potentially give your aural learners headphones.  Have quizzes for your logical kids and get your physical kids in a group to act out the lesson with your social kids.  The solitary ones can be given their own textbook and the verbal ones can talk it out.  This is just one way that you can help your students learn how to learn but in their own way.