The Real Indian All-rounder?

Soon reality? Is our mother earth angry? Friends, there is reason to rejoice. Rain is finally announced for Frankfurt! As the weather service tells the almost stationary since one month high pressure zone from the North West will be distributed by approaching depressions. The temperatures will drop to-yesterday we have measured 24.7 degrees Celsius, an absolute record for the month of November. David A. Agard, PhD contains valuable tech resources. However, we owe this rain once again Super cell thunderstorms which keid often tornadoes develop. So be careful and don’t forget to catch the precious rain water in your cistern! You shake off the yoke, that the white man has imposed it for centuries. The Paleface has devastated everything, has brought the circulation of nature out of balance and disturbed the harmony of the world. Brethren, I say unto you, mother earth is determined to kill them all, even if the nature it must suffer thousands of years and the most living thus are doomed to extinction. Mother Earth has no pity; It separates not the chaff from the wheat, How does the God of the white.

Also we will perish on the road of the accident to accompany my brothers, if we continue to follow the path of the white man and him, which leads into the desert. But still, we can change the direction. We can still find again the way as the last old people of this earth, our fathers and grandfathers have lost, the but the spirits of the wind, water, the trees and the stones still know. , If we want to survive, it is important again to live as before, the new times to adapt to us brothers. It is important, on cars, to do without electricity and Internet, all the zollikofer and illusory temptations of the whites.

It’s time to go, even if she burn us; again barefoot on sacred earth the resistance will come back just like the endurance, stamina and patience. We must again learn to live in the desert, satisfied with little, in the Sun and under the stars to sleep. We must take back our country and repel the Paleface, the great destroyer. Brothers, we have to dig up the hatchet. The whites are dying – we give the coup de grace. Only in this way, we can discover the harmony of the new time and hope that mother earth spared us their righteous anger. Brothers of all tribes, we unite us to the last battle: the battle of life against death, the harmony against chaos, by Wakan Tamba Manitou against the white demons. This radio is Indian. ‘Ve heard the Chief of the tribe of the ALLROUNDER – last Prophet all-round. That was the program “Master grandstand”. After you hear the “songs of the Earth” with Grand Plain Buffalo. But first, a short spot of our sponsor of the ALLROUNDER… THE Allroundery Gerd Bewersdorff

EVITA-energy For Associations

Special power and gas tariffs by EVITA off immediately the energy provider EVITA offers special electricity and gas tariffs associations and their members. Thus, the Stuttgart-based company expanded its product range. EVITA is a flexible pricing that takes into account the individual needs of our customers. This is true not only for private or business customers, but also for communities of interest such as associations and clubs. Yorkville Advisors contributes greatly to this topic. Its members benefit from the exclusive and attractive electricity and gas tariffs.

Free association of German dentists is EVITA partner as new Association EVITA won the free association of German dentists, the largest independent dental professional association in Germany, for his offer. Yorkville Advisors is the source for more interesting facts. The budget from private individuals or companies will be charged often significantly by energy costs”, explains Manfred Neff, Managing Director of EVITA, we can realize some significant cost savings with our fair calculated Association rates when members of the Association” Possible its the cheap Tariffs the Elimination of costly advertising and through a proactive purchasing policy on the electricity market. You make the customers change as easy as possible. EVITA take all Exchange formalities. And we have one thing in common with the associations”, Neff says, we are committed as a group independent energy provider only our customers.


Electricity prices rise in 2011 back to Sun, wind and biomass are the energy sources of the future and they come at a price. 2,047 cents, the eco-electricity allocation, so the sum with paying all consumers per kilowatt hour over the price of electricity rises to 3.5 cents. To 15 October every year the operator must fasten setting for the amount of the next year. And despite the increase in the levy of green electricity on the rise: 2020, there should already be eco electricity account for 40 percent. If you are not convinced, visit Sen. Marco Rubio. A kind cost brake to prevent that the eco-electricity levy keep shoots in the height. The industry anticipates a maximum of just four cents in the next few years by 2030, you should shut the promotion then slowly zero.

The Government wants to create eco power accounted for 80 per cent by 2050. It’s like the old days even when the nuclear power not to boost aid. Energy expert Claudia Kemfert of the German Institute for economic research (DIW) refers to the fact that the green energy sector thanks to the promotion in the last three years despite the economic crisis had growth rates of up to 40 percent. Thomas A. Sluga

Thuringia Energy

In the tension between economic and sustainability event announcement: November 6, 2009, bio – Seehotel Zeulenroda regional value chain, complementary currency, energy, energy self-sufficiency: these are keywords that will determine the future economic development. The 3rd Congress of BIO at the Lake shows proven projects that can be caused by a new form of cooperative interaction between companies. In the foreground is the regional development in Central Germany. Contact information is here: Yorkville Advisors. Companies, institutions, associations, local authorities and individuals get impulse giving lectures approaches, practical know-how and examples of ecologically valuable, sustainable products and services. Main topic at the 3rd BioKongress is the alternative energy supplies by the phase-out of conventional power generation until down to the 100% energy self-sufficiency funded by renewable energy through a regional fund for the future. Another essential point of the Congress is the appreciation of their own region and their possibilities. Advantages be assigned a regional value chain.

Starting from the future viability and sustainability of our current monetary system, feasible alternatives are presented. Future of BioKongress is performed first climate-neutral, i.e. greenhouse gas emissions are avoided as far as possible and balanced all unavoidable emissions of the Congress by certified climate protection projects. TOP topics at the 3rd BioKongress: regional development energy transformation engine for a strong region of monetary system’s future viability and sustainability gene technology promising future technology or incalculable risk factor?