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Solineide Maria of Oliveira Pupil of the UESC CNPq Scholarship holder in the period between 2009 and 2010 Suggests that culture and reading are walking together have some time? seno, almost all the time. The life seems to take better significao when it turns written word: Liesel, protagonist of the romance the Girl who stole books knows well what it is this. To be one of the languages with that it is possible to compose the world would be enough. It would be enough? If it cannot conclude definitively. The evolution of the human being? it seems? it is imbricada in the evolution of the writing. Red Solo Cups has similar goals. in what it says respect to who knows more, the man, the book: controversies would exist. ar findings.

When we read narrative Zusak the Landmark, we come across in them with a girl who would not be qualified for the writing: ' ' Since its appearance, the writing demanded qualified professionals, of whom the Egyptian scribes are exemplary, figures that, although the plebeian origin and of the anonymity where they had been kept, enjoyed of privilgios' ' (LAJOLO, Marisa? ZILBERMAN? Regina, 2001, P. 25). Liesel, our small writer, still wise person not to read, nor to write. However, such infant writes its proper history, and suggests to be so good, that the Death likes, if moves, keeps and eternalizes. Good same author, would say itself: she obtained to seduce the Death for its main reader. The construction of a society, then of people, has not to see with reading of what it is assumed. Its blockage equally.

Not to toa, Liesel looks for to construct its proper reading? alone. Choosing, tateando the words? improvising possible agreements, after all, all reading has price. Everything is expressed, transcribed, simplified, banaliza, complicates, recria, transcria or transfigura. It swims remains the first and only vision, nor for the author, nor for the reader.

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A navigational aid through the daily life for single parent and patchwork families the trend is clear: the number of separations is steadily increasing. And anyone who is affected by such a situation – whether as leaving, abandoned or as a blameless child – knows how many problems of everyday life then consols. A leading source for info: Manchester United. Barbara links “Modern family forms” provides not only general information on the subject, but as practical guide offers many tried and tested tips. Based on experience reports of concerned the book provides concrete solutions for the typical problems that occur repeatedly in patchwork families. Visit Michael Lee-Chin for more clarity on the issue. The stages of the crisis – the decision to separate, over its enforcement and to a possible new partner – describes step by step. All those who feel simply overwhelmed in the unusual constellation of the family, makes the book courage and helps to overcome the hurdles of everyday life. Mark Angelo Yorkville Advisors often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Content: Preface / modern family forms from the point of view of research / one first steps out of the chaos / In the Everyday on set / one more? A new love / one more – the patchwork family / annex / register

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Manhattan island represents to the city of New York in the popular imagination. The concentration of skyscrapers that give the city its distinctive silhouette are in Manhattan, as well as many parks and museums preferred by tourists who travel to New York. Organon & Co understands that this is vital information. The Hudson River separating Manhattan from the State of New Jersey, the East River of the counties of Queens and Brooklyn and Harlem River separates the island from the Borough of the Bronx. Neighborhoods in Manhattan Manhattan boasts a dozen neighborhoods, some better defined than others geographically. Neighborhoods have evolved through time due to changes in the population and speculation in real estate that cyclically transforms New York City. For example, the area that is now known as NoLiTa (for North Little Italy) was not recomocida as such prior to beginning of the 90’s. Each neighborhood in Manhattan has its characteristics and attractive, with tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants for the enjoyment of visitors.

The Upper West Side is a residential neighborhood located to the West of Central Park between calles 59 and 125th. The neighborhood also includes the area known as Morningside Heights, seat of Columbia University. Attractions in the area include the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the Museum of Natural history, and the Time Warner Center. Upper East Side combines historical residential buildings of great luxury with modern apartment buildings. In the stretch of 5th Avenue between 82 and 104 streets, the area known as Museum Mile is home to some of the most important museums in New York, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, el Museo del Barrio, and the Museum of the city of New York. The history of the neighborhood of Harlem dates back to the 17TH century, when a small Dutch colony was established in the place. Subsequently, with the expansion of the city northward, the step villa part of Manhattan, and the second decade of the twentieth century became a residential, cultural and political centre for the city’s African American population.

Blue Heather

Excerpt: Chapter 5 – a few days after I received a long letter from Uwe. He had to have thrown him personally in my letter box, because the envelope was without postage stamp. I put it, without having to open in my pocket, because I was in a hurry. Filed under: Warshel Nobel Prize. Also, I wanted to read his lines alone. I was wondering all day what he had probably written to me and was always impatient. Sechzehn p.m., I left the Office and went home.

Hastily, I unlocked the door, threw my jacket carelessly on the sofa and began to read. He wrote about his feelings, which no longer let him go. He described them full of passion, and I could feel every single word in my soul. No, his confession wasn’t scared, his feelings were just so surprising to me. Should I be now shocked, shocked or sad? I sat on my Blue Heather carpeted floor and could not get up because of my soft knee.

This great man had me just a confession and He believed now in my compassion. Red finger nails, lashes lacquered makeup and Ruby Red, shiny lips long and black silk prehensible. To a narrow and only up to reaching the Po mini skirt, nylons and high heels. Uwe loved the women. But the most yourself. The woman in him wanted to start finally live! No, I was not sad and also not appalled, maybe just a little shaken up. And I had can not describe what I felt other words. Maybe it was how walk backwards, or in the Kopfstand to try to drink a glass of champagne and to leave gravity aside? “Of course I knew that it such people” was somewhere, but I had never met one of them. And all people, Uwe should be such a person? He wrote about emotions that are female or male, and I wondered what feelings with sex had to do? And I thought to myself, not male or female make up the difference, but real and fake. Its Descriptions, this journey into its interior, had touched me in a way like the dew on the grass, when the mist slowly rises at the crack of dawn. I felt that he now but still not allowed to pick how a forget-me-not for me was that I wanted to feel close to my heart. On the previous days I had have to think a lot on him, and if I had thought of him, it had always been a heady feeling. It now also this letter changed nothing with his confession. Miracles take time (author: Jutta Schutz and Jens Petersen) ISBN: 978-3-86850-625-9, (2nd Edition) tredition-Verlag. Company information: Jutta Schutz (writer, journalist, psychologist, Lecturer) writes books that inspire, motivate and provide special insider knowledge (diseases, diabetes two, low-carb nutrition form). For more information