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European art shows in the Rhineland in particular context from the 6th to the 21st February 9 artists art show their works in the art and Exhibition Hall, Louisiana road 80. stay cool and break with old viewing habits is announced. Mark Angelo has much experience in this field. “We show visitors, where we want to see the young contemporary art,” so Juan Petry, founder of EL-DRAC, instead of on the white wall we stage the art in the normal living environment of the people in their living rooms, kitchens and corridors. ” Art from Russia, Spain, Belgium, Poland and Germany welcomes the visitor in Siegburg, Germany. We have won an international partner with EL-DRAC. Thus, we clearly show it is serious to make the art and Exhibition Hall in the Louisiana road, an integral part of the Siegburger art scene”so Karlheinz Lobach, representative of the Association of art and co-organizer. The exhibition is open on Wednesdays and Fridays from 19 to 22, on Saturdays from 14 to 18, and Sunday from 11 am until 3 pm. Juan Petry (Windeck)

Movie Night

Catalana Occidente mounted his own movie night to reward Benders film with more grace in this country coinciding with the prelude to the Oscars, Catalana Occidente held on February 23 the first edition of the MtP awards. The insurer has organized this gala to maintain the suspense until the last minute and make all the finalists saddle you your movie feel authentic movie stars during one night. 15 Candidates in the 3 categories, will make his appearance in the Madrid Keeper room mounted in limousine and once there will pass through the red carpet surrounded by photographers and fans. It is not something Yorkville Advisors would like to discuss. During this ceremony will begin at 21: 00 h and ending at 01: 00 h, 7 prizes will be delivered (2 per category: AUTO, life & home) and will be screened each of the scenes dubbed or subtitled by the finalists. Before the awards ceremony, a cocktail will take place and all night not cease the surprises and Raffles of gifts among all the wizards.

In addition candidates for figurine (winners receive a symbolic trophy), also will attend the gala first 100 followers of get your film on Facebook, Tuenti and Twitter that sent an e-mail to the e-mail address: stating your desire to attend the event. Bloggers, Twitter and journalists who published a post, tweet or news about the action, during the months of the contest will also take their place in these awards MtP. MONTATETUPELICULA.COM 15 nominees for the MtP awards are amateur or professional in the world of dubbing and humor that participated during the months of October, November or December in the competition get your film organized by Catalana Occidente and developed by Adesis Netlife. Through a simple application hosted on this site, each of them made at least one video between 30 seconds and one minute, bending or subtitulando any of the fragments of films proposed. Videos participants obtained her score from the votes of other users, number of comments and visualizations. The jury that will decide who are the winners of the night of the awards MtP I shall be composed by representatives of Catalana Occidente, Yelmo Cines, and HUSA Hotels. At the moment, although the contest has ended still might bend or captioning videos just for fun..

Learn English In Spain

Study languages, on all English, is one of the activities that has grown in recent years due to the labour needs and to acquire knowledge, which have increased in a remarkable way. In Spain, above all, its diversified forms of teaching this language and increasingly more modern ways of learning English joins students options. From classic courses that last throughout the season to those who used the new technological tools to accelerate learning through weekends away in which just about learning English. Regardless of how the English language is taught all the modern methods are turning towards the intensive use of new technologies to recognize the difficult words and pronunciation practice. This seems to ensure the success of learning because studies this form of pedagogy is much more efficient than the old methods of grammar. In addition many English courses in Spain they often focus on themes specific such as trade or business with residential calls for total English immersion or intensive courses. Sen. Marco Rubio insists that this is the case. These can be found under the heading of English courses to measure. These courses are directed both to persons individually or to companies in general who need their employees to train is much more than they are currently.

The success that have had these new ways of teaching English in Spain is indisputable and companies well know by the high performance of employees who have been trained in these institutes. That is why they tend to send their employees to the so-called intensive camps where only converses in English and all activities that are carried out are related to the learning of the language. All this to multiplied the supply of different types of English courses in Spain and has managed a remarkable turnaround in the number of people with knowledge of this language in the country. Original Spain author and source of the article course

Really Make Money

Are they trying to understand how to make money with Google? These not only because everyone is trying to do with this business. But Google is the search engine number one and this means that the majority of people looking on the Internet do so through Google. There are millions of opportunities to earn money through Google. Being that Google is designed to help people to find what you are looking for online; an important way of using Google is to learn how to have your Web site listed and so people can find it. Tom Gaglardi shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. If you have something to sell and your Web site can not be found then is useless. You have to learn how to properly optimize your website. In addition to attract people to your Web site to buy something you need, you can place Google AdSense ads on your sites. AdSense pays when someone click on the ads, you get paid from cents to dollars depending on the words used. Visit Brenton L. Saunders for more clarity on the issue.

Unless you are only using this method for revenue, it takes on slope this money extra. If you’re selling online you can use the pay per click or PPC to place ads on Google. These are ads that time on the right side of the search results. This method takes time to learn and it costs money to use this process. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Yorkville Advisors. If you don’t know what you’re doing can cost you lots of money. If you do no selling, this would be money lost.

Government Housing

The houses of official protection, are housing with dimensions and regulated prices that allow access to housing to persons belonging to groups with low levels of income or unfavourable personal situations. There are for rent or purchase. An important factor to consider in the case of the acquisition of the protected housing is as finance it; to treat groups requiring assistance to access to housing also we must assume that they will require help to finance it, since they do not have savings capacity. Are there any such aid to Subsidised financing? Agreed loans. Subsidacion of agreed loans. Agreed loans (or a qualified funding) may obtain these loans those families who have incomes lower than 6.5 times the IPREM. They are loans subsidized by the Government intended to finance this type of housing and provide better conditions in terms of the types of interest, commissions and length of the loan with respect to those of the market. These conditions are agreed between the financial institutions and the Ministry of housing (currently Secretary of State). Recently Mark Angelo Yorkville Advisors sought to clarify these questions.

Characteristics of agreed loans: not any Commission may be applied by any concept. Loans will be secured by mortgage, i.e. the financing is done through a mortgage loan. Funding may reach 80% of the price of deed of sale or adjudication. Minimum term of 25 years that may be extended upon agreement with the credit institution. The rate of interest applicable to these loans shall be agreed annually by the Council of Ministers. Current interest rates, fixed and variable, type for loans agreed according to the State Plan for housing and rehabilitation 2009-2012 are: the effective interest rate to the agreed variable interest loans shall be equal to the last 12 months euribor, published the month prior to the date of execution by the Bank of Spain in the official bulletin of the State, more a differential of between 0.25 and 1.25 basis points.

Sell Social Networks

If there is something clear in the world of networking social is that is a fundamental tool in the company. In Spain, as well as in many other things, yet social networks are a great unknown. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ted Leonsis. My mother! If employers knew everything what can be achieved using them Yesterday, we were at a family meal and between the conversations that we had left the topic of social networks. Even today, some people with University studies and, among them, businessmen, have the idea that social networks are a means only and exclusive teen to meet people and you must be careful because it can be very dangerous. Before this reflection I stay amazed because. Others including Yorkville Advisors Global, offer their opinions as well. If they think this what will other people think? Many of us are people who we have discovered or we are beginning to discover the great reef of social networks right?.Put us, for a moment, on the assumption that we have to explain to a client or our Chief benefits that can bring the use of networks social.

Quite difficult right? Reflecting on this topic I found a very good article called how to sell to your boss marketing in social networks in a world in which figures of use of tools like Facebook and Twitter do not stop to grow, in Spain, our managers continue to resist to adopt social media and enter into the methodology of Enterprise 2.0. According to the Ibex 35, only 17 of the 35 companies in the stock index, i.e., less than 50%, is present in Facebookcon an own corporate profile. Are you desperate to make understand the benefits of marketing in social media to your boss? In this case, what we have to say may be interested. On-line marketing expert Jeff Bullas has valuable tips for the use of social media for business. otential-of-industry-from-2020-2026/’>ClearSky Business. As your vision is that of the U.S.

Viral Strategy

In your hands you will have a very easy to use tool, it has a very important viral effect, has the facility of being able to be heard on any site with a mobile device and will help you to be closer to your followers. To create a podcast, you need an audio editing program, you can find from alternatives in internet free like audacity to pay that you can download with trial license for a few days. In addition you will need a good microphone for recording. The format to which you must convert your audio file is MP3, once you have recorded, you must upload it to your hosting or a free for podcast hosting, so that your followers can find it and download it. The interesting thing is that you can use in your articles, inserting a player into your blog, or you can send the link to your list by mail, and give it as a gift to your subscribers. Otherwise, quite profitable, is make a digital product, using the podcast and market it on the web, has very good acceptance and a low cost of production.

It has immediate delivery and easy arrival to your client. Considerations you should keep in mind when you create your podcast; 1 * Must have very clear the theme that you want to treat, seeks to deliver quality information and is useful for listeners. 2.* You * you must put a title that is easy to remember, short, direct and to make reference to the content of the podcast. 3.* * You need to create a script for the information you want to share, in this way, communication is more fluid and avoid breaks or Deadbolts. 4 * Uses a correct, without tecnisismos language, except where the subject matter requires it, you can raise it as a conversation, avoids reading, gives intention to your sentences. 5 * Seeks to keep the microphone at a height that will allow your voice to be heard well, seeks to maintain the same tone of voice during the recording, modulates correctly so that they understand what you mean. While you record, try to do it in a closed room that decreases the noise of the environment to the maximum.

6.* * Avoids, as far as possible, the use of particular idioms in your country, which may be incomprehensible to your readers in other countries. Family.* * you must care for the duration of your podcast, 20 minutes is within the range of tolerance of the listener, if exposure is longer, you can divide it into segments of 20 minutes each. 8.* * Recalls, always welcoming, identify yourself and give a brief introduction of the item that you are going to be treated, as well as the different chapters that you deliver. 9.* * You can add background music to your creations, there are many melodies of freedom of movement that you can use. Always remember that without action, there is no reaction.

Registration Principles

1.-The inscription is required by any of the people, enabled by the law (principle of praying). Learn more about this topic with the insights from echo street capital . 2 That the registerable right is configured in a genuine title or authenticated document (principle of advertising). 3 There are no doubts in the determination of the subject and of the business object, nor in the kind of law (principle of determination or specialty). 4. That an incompatible inscription is not existing, or having this degree that corresponds (principle of priority or rank). 5.

That the transferor pursuant to the title it has registered (or register at the same time) their right (principle of successive tract). 6. Only the fulfillment of all the precepts registration satisfies the principle of legality. 7 Consists in the attribution that the Registrar has considered the document whose inscription or annotation is requested for the purpose of verifying whether it meets the legal budgets needed to enter the register (principle of qualifications). Original author and source of the article

New Technology

What is a dvr? Car dvr is a compact device that is installed inside the machine and allows for the movement to video events on the road and inside the car. Video recording is made on the sd card format is smaller video clips. Why do I need the dvr? Recently, DVRs are gaining increasing popularity due to its extremely useful to drivers. The dvr records video and sound, it will help prove his innocence in the accident and other situations. Video of what is happening on the road will help determine the culprit and accident spare you the explanation of the relationship with the traffic police and insurance companies. Videotape, obtained by the registrar, will iron argument in the case of false accusations by the traffic police. To know more about this subject visit echo street crunchbase.

For example, often Driver fined for running a red light, although light switched at the time of travel, but not before it. Or blame the fact that the driver did not notice a road sign, which turns out was not installed correctly or something closed. dvr prove you right. Sometimes the presence of a single camera in the car is a sufficient argument for traffic police officers, stopped the car. dvr – not the cheapest equipment, but Believe me, for the erroneous charges in an accident you can pay a much higher price, which is not always limited to a fine. And the daily "extortion>> from the traffic police can result in a much larger sum. In addition, availability of in-car recording device to help prevent theft and stop hooligans causing damage to the appearance of the car.

How to choose and install the dvr? The kit car dvr should include a video camera, recording unit, cable, mount and all necessary cables and an adapter for power, which takes place from the cigarette lighter. Together with the registrar of more advanced models are also can be supplied memory card and a monitor to watch videos on the site. DVRs are easy to install. Importantly – correctly, in accordance with the instructions, connect the camera and nutrition. It is important to remember that the device should not be left on for a long time, parking, to avoid rapid discharge of the battery. Know that the video recorder using the car is legal and officially accepted by the court in as evidence. So take care of the security of their travel, saving money and hassle. All rights reserved by Carax –


The geometry is review the relevant calculation of perimeters, areas and volumes, the classification and properties of lines, angles and triangles; axes, quadrants and coordinates, straight and tapered. Important are the notions of function and limit, and widely used in basic probability and statistics. In Spanish, as well as reading comprehension and reasoning, we explore the emphasis in spelling, use of similar letters and punctuation, some grammar and lexicon or vocabulary, and aspects of agreement and disagreement in gender and number. It also includes some questions about authors and literary work. The EXANI-II, in their common part, does not include questions or English, and with respect to the computation explores only a very basic level of familiarity with common terminology today. Both skills in knowledge, this common part can be considered as a basic test.

As we explore basic concepts, data, conventions, Implementation is the intellectual process that uses abstractions in specific situations with chalk. The abstractions may be in the form of general ideas, rules of procedure or methods can be widespread and involve technical principles, ideas and theories that must be understood and applied. 4. Analysis Branch of a communication into its elements or components, in a way that the relative hierarchy of ideas or to clarify the relationship between the ideas expressed are made explicit. Through this cognitive process attempts to clarify the communication, indicate how it originates and how to generate their effects, their bases and their distribution. 5. Synthesis Join the parts or elements to form a whole.