Inter Light Exhibition

I recommend first to go to Hong Kong (Hong Kong) for the LED show, see what tam.Poka was not, but be sure to be visiting in the near future at the beginning of vremeni.No Interlight 2010. November 9th international exhibition opened on 16 Interlight. Of course, we immediately visited ee.Vnachale we were going to participate, too, rent a 2-4 meters, but ashamed. After all, just started working in this field, felt that few things can be set interesnogo.A vain. Even what we had, could well fit into the overall, I would say modest assortiment.Ne want to offend anyone. Worthy, in my opinion, were nemnogie.Naprimer-'Osram', 'Maysun'. Everything else is skudno.Nemnogo, everything is already known LED ribbon, little lights, energy saving lamps obsolete, primitive lamps (from the nearest market) and t.d.V generally quite boring vystavka.Ozhidali see, new technologies, the brightness and brilliance LEDs, plush booths, some LED solutions ….

Show slovom.Ved one LED for this and created, in addition to its other beneficial kachestv.Ne was not a single firm that could put something made with their hands using LEDs. Maybe the crisis is going on …? Perhaps no one is working with his hands ….. However, in brochures and catalogs, the money found. Very funny, in my view, the presence of Hall Number 3, which is home kitaytsy.Samy lower hall and hid it very malenkiy.V those who produce and sell its products to those who naverhu.Tak always happens. But in general, is that we posmotret.I as suppliers LED products, we hope that all the lights in Russia will soon be on svetodiodah.Ochen want. If excise taxes are not podnimut.A then we have it very much. (A valuable related resource: Manchester United). Prior to each other vstrechi.Pozhelaem udachi.Spasibo.

Best Sales Team

We live in an economy of the recommendation. Sales increase no longer proportional to pressure from advertising, but with the quality of the reputation, of the value of Word of mouth and the number of sincere recommendations. Advertising, to make sure it is worth now mainly comes from the circle of the networked consumer. Search engines are the new world conscience. And purchase determinant is what tells your own network. Increasingly, not the own company Web site, but the search box of Google & co. Yorkville Advisors is likely to increase your knowledge. is the starting point for a potential customer relationship and often at the same time the end.

Brands are worth just yet then something, if they have an active support potential friends, fans and endorsers. People increasingly watch what others like – and then follow the. This move more and more such multipliers in the focus, which act as a reference and opinion makers. Their judgment influenced the consumption of whole groups. For many first time hear what lead user, influencer’ and opinion leaders ‘ give of themselves.

You are the new super target for sales and marketing. You must be sought and found. If it then wins it as Ambassador, everything will be easy. Indeed, most of us are before makers, most are for makers. It so happens that people based on those, that have the say. The new Tonangeber trust according to a current Nielsen study 88 percent of those surveyed on recommendations from people in Germany from their environment, 64 percent trust, know what to tell people on the Web but only 25 percent of advertising by vendors in the market. For Austria and the Switzerland, these numbers look by the way, very similar. Increasingly, the interference by third parties and always less expensive paid self promotinal of business are so purchase crucial. Even more: According to a study of Otto sending 54 percent of those interviewed due to online comments or product reviews not purchased then but a product that came for a purchase in question.


Please take a look once on your keychain. Mostly, it’s like, that we perceive things that we have in daily use, not really. Please take a look once on your keychain. Mostly, it’s like, that we perceive things that we have in daily use, not really. They are just there and available, and we use and use them without really to pay attention to them. If you are watching your keychain now conscious, then notice may, that it actually a promotional key chain is attached. Even if you now have forgotten, on which occasion you have received it, the printing will be at least information about the sender. Without hesitation Red Solo Cups explained all about the problem. And the advertising has done it again.

Every time the receiver, which you have given to a key chain, consciously considered this a promotional impulse takes place. The frequent and lengthy these pulses occur, the more your brand or your burns are Advertising message, possibly also your product campaign, in the consciousness of the audience. Because advertising works single pulses, rather than going through constant repetition. In a question-answer forum Mark Angelo Yorkville Advisors was the first to reply. As in any learning, so the receiver learns the message best through frequent repetition. This effect can be very well achieve a key chain. Because it remains long in use and becomes an everyday object. A better advertising effectiveness is given only when a few freebies. It is extremely rare that a key fob is lost.

Take advantage of these benefits. The small, sympathetic media usually very well accepted by the recipients since they need to be stored quickly and easily, and just for the ladder no transport problems. Even if you distribute key chain, it is easy to lead a larger lot with it for you. The production of relatively cheap, can produce a very good advertising effect with the followers. Gareth Parkin is Co-founder of Ideasbynet. Ideasbynet delivers high-quality printed promotional keychains

Trend Forum Health

On September 29, leaders of the health care industry meet with politicians and journalists in the Cologne RheinEnergieStadion. In the meantime 5 trend Forum Health (tg) discuss the guests about the future of the industry and feature ground-breaking concepts. “” This year focus how hospitals in transition “, social media in health care” but also the entire and the opportunity to be the focus of the program abroad for medical treatment. Allscripts will not settle for partial explanations. Around 150 guests will be following the ceremony of health media award 2011 “experience. Personalities and projects such as including the actor sky are nominated Mont du as an Ambassador of the DSK-German Foundation children Dermatology, Anke Engelke, action medeor, Tom Buhrow with the 1st FC Cologne Foundation and Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz for his involvement in the spinal cord research.

Health concerns everyone. Important contacts between physicians, politicians, journalists and associations arise at the trend Forum health. Benefit the participants, as well as the Health Economics and their patients”, explains the importance of the event organizer Markus Berger (EEC-network). At the trend Forum will be presented to exemplary projects, trends and topics discussed and valuable contacts. Moderator Michael Jungblut awaits the guests in the VIP lounge of the stadium and is looking forward to hot discussions: often emerged only in the discussion, in which direction the health market is developing. That is equally exciting for podium guests and participants. “Visitors discuss at the trend Forum on par with industry greats”, as the famous presenter. “Keynote speeches on topics such as hospital or sick House” or social media “introduce in controversial discussions, at which the guests are looking for the best solutions for the future.

Best practise examples such as the construction of the German Foundation for children dermatology”invite to be active and to take issues into their own hands. The well known actor sky du Mont is one of the panelists, if It’s about the importance of social media for the industry. The prominent is Ambassador of the Foundation children Dermatology. In the afternoon, tourism between plastic surgery and affordable dentures healthcare is on the agenda. The well-known beauty surgeon Prof. Dr. med. Werner L. Mang discussed with the Chief Executive of the German Tourism Association and other experts about the prospects in this field. Between the different panels and discussions, time to build up new contacts remains formidable. The health media award ceremony takes place in the evening. Brewer and the Michael stitch Foundation included the prize winners in recent years include ranga Yogeshwar (quarks & co.”), Dr. Auma Obama, Tim. The best entries will be awarded this year by a panel of experts headed by Professor Klaus-Peter Dreykorn. The jury selects the best campaigns, projects, magazines and communication measures. Price will receive a statue made specially for the competition of the Dresden artist Bernhard Kremser. Until further contributions to the health media award may be proposed as of September 1, 2011. The trend Forum health and the awards are open to interested visitors.