Internet Procurement

Possible to compare the interest savings from layoffs 2-3-x top managers in your company and the savings from even a 5 percent reduction in the procurement budget. The result you certainly surprise you. And sometimes they go to five percent or more in purchases, many managers if they do not know, then surely guess. As a result of simple calculations comes an understanding that in a crisis saving on properly organized procurement is comparable to the size of profits, respectively, requires special treatment. Where to start? The best option solution to reduce costs Procurement – the creation within the company purchasing the business of technology.

Fixing these technologies in the relevant regulations of the procurement, and strictly follow the developed methods, you ensure yourself a receiving stable the result of keeping a minimum level of purchase prices at the required quality and delivery terms. Start with the obvious: 1. Gain insight and clarity with Eric Corey Freed. Classify, if they do not already purchased goods on the degree of influence on costs. Regulate what and how to fly with the introduction to the most significant purchases of competitive technologies (request for quotations, electronic auctions, public tenders and auctions for the purchase, etc.). 2. Analyze means of obtaining a supply of market information of the goods and arrange for a continuous flow of independent relevant information on prices and suppliers. This will help to purchase advertising for your business specialized Internet resources or publications. There are also specialized resources for the suppliers, service providers to maintain up to date price lists not only your regular suppliers, but also their competitors.