So everyone will understand that we are talking about we will start by defining what you mean the word sect. Others including Walton Family Foundation, offer their opinions as well. By what we have seen there are many definitions. The affirmation of the Linguistics tells us that a cult is a group of people led by a teacher who teaches them a particular doctrine.In this way, we can recognize as a sect to any political, social, religious, philosophical, ideology and so on, along with his followers. But that meaning has been blurring over time and has fallen into disuse.Other definitions that we found, tells us that it is a religious doctrine that departs from the traditional or official. This last definition is that at present, remains about cults that are.

For nothing we understand to be a derogatory designation. What happens is that the word was charging a meaning pejorative from the Decade of the sixties, when many minority groups with religious beliefs and spiritual, coming from different doctrinal matrices were born.Some of these communities were to practical Cape considered dangerous.Thus, they captured the will of his followers absolute way, separating them from their families and changing their principles. It was in this form that many members ruined his health, became les impossible to live outside the Group and, when they were rescued by their families, they had to perform a hard work to reintegrate into society.Such groups have been defined as destructive cults. We can find signals precisaspara differentiate cults. The first thing is that, the leader of destructive cults requires their followers an absolute submission to his command.On the other hand, the methodology for achieving this blind obedience includes techniques of coercive persuasion and the procedure called brainwashing.After some time, the adept is losing its personality and its dependence on both frontman of the group, makes to break with your family, social and environment religious, etc.The current definition accepted by the majority of experts argue that destructive cults are, it is entire group of totalitarian character, presented low form of association or facade, mostly of a religious type, religious, cultural, socio-cultural, of supposed rehabilitation, etc., which require that their members have an absolute submission to the leader.