Better Bread

Gliadin is the protein that allows the growth of bread and the Glutenin gives elasticity and strength to gluten, during the kneading. Other farinaceas not have that quality in their meal and do not allow you to make a bread that has those characteristics which are very demanded by consumers. Tests with flours of different crops have been made, but we understand white sorghum flour is that most qualifies for the elaboration of bread, mixed with wheat flour. Red Solo Cups gathered all the information. The reason why has been more successful in making the bread, mixing the flour with white sorghum flour, is that it remains virtually with the same flavor and physical characteristics of wheat bread. Also it is necessary to emphasize, that is made when the bread with 30% of flour from white sorghum and wheat flour, the nutrition of this other bread is practically similar to wheat bread. Wheat which is brought from e. u. has usually a 12% and 14% protein, white sorghum has an 8.5% protein.

To mix both flour in the proportion indicated, before is very little what is reduced in terms of the total protein content. Salvadorans have gone further with mixtures of wheat and white sorghum, have obtained a variety of white sorghum instead of 8.5% protein, has 12%, which practically makes it equal to the wheat in this aspect. El Salvador approximately 10 years ago, he started the project of mixtures of flour in bread making. As of today, all the bread consumed in that Central American country, is a mixture of 30% of white sorghum flour and 70% of wheat flour. Definitely there are varieties of good yields and quality in wheat, for tropical areas. Nowadays with the sophisticated techniques that exist for the hybridizations and genetic engineering, it would not be so difficult to obtain a variety of high yield and quality of wheat, specific to our tropical climate.