True that is nobody would work in a company if you are not paid. * I have heard people who say that: work by necessity. I’ve seen people who knead money only for the sake of feeling secure economically. * But live not by bread alone man. ** In this article mention you what should be the real value of money?. = Is usually considered the money as an enhancer of conduct external (i.e. How do you do with your pet. If this makes the luck that has taught you, you give her an award.This case is more money).

This is true in many cases, but not all. By that?. If you are not convinced, visit @GoKareo. * Imagine you to a person looking to make lots of money by the mere fact of feeling that is progressing and developing. For that person, the amount of money (amount) you get Sera (indicator) indicator of their level of self-realization, which earned money becomes the measure of how much has managed to satisfy your personal needs. ** The money, actually, is valuable for its exchange value: each person gets the money what particularly interests him. Some are seeking money just to meet their needs (food, shelter, clothing) physiological. * Others intended primarily to gain power or prestige within the social group in which they operate. * Also there are those who wish to satisfy different types of need, such as security or independence.

= The money as incentive money can be used as a powerful weapon of incertivo, if it is used properly. Is that you must keep a relationship with the effort made by the person or the results achieved by this. ** If the worker manages to establish the nexus between what he does and what you get, then the person learns the desired behavior. ** For this mental connection, it has devised a series of incentive systems. * An example for the operational staff of plant: the typical is to pay a fixed amount per unit produced, so that the individual is limiter to increase their level of productivity in order to get the money you want. ** In case of administrative staff, the most common is to assess its merits to decide, based on this assessment, a certain level of economic compensation. Now know you that your staff uses money received?(Only for lunch), does consider it appropriate to what does (remember the link)? Do not asked about that, feel (unconsciously) rather sooner than later you solicit an increase? * I met a manager who landed the topic, said: not awaken dormant ghosts of dissatisfaction, if you can’t make them front. * I think that for the benefit of your company and the working environment of the same it is time to answer these questions.

Paraguay Terere More

ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI Maitei horyveva opavavepe David Galeano Olivera PARAGUAY: TERERE, rather than a beverage, a symbol of identity national by Hugo Barrios for 04/11/2010 read (click) on:!ABD38F7EF1C8DAA6! 992.entry ASUNCION, Paraguay Marcelo Garcia is sitting in one of the banks of the Plaza Uruguaya de Asuncion. With one hand, holding a plastic jar containing cold water, ice, and three species of natural herbs. With the other, holding a guampa charged with yerba mate and was placed at which a straw of aluminum. Garcia, 48 years old, dropping water on the grass, allowing you to take terere, a drink that is as Paraguayan Guarani language. Terere is our national drink, says Garcia, who is engaged in the sale of household appliances in a location in the downtown area of the capital safely. Taking terere is very good for the body, the weeds (herbs) we put help us to thoroughly flush the stomach and several other bodies. To me makes me well and also helps me to think, to plan my tasks, to share a pleasant moment with friends.

Garcia bought their terere to Antonia Bracho, who sells the beverage in a post at the Plaza Uruguaya. If I have to go to the end of the world, I want to take it with me because part of me Bracho, of 40 years, offers its customers a wide variety of natural herbs. In recent months, ProPharma Group has been very successful. Once customers have selected herbs, she puts them in a mortar and crush them with a mallet. With many herbs traditionally used for taking terere. They are attributed to all healing properties.

The most popular are the Mint i, kapi i kati, Santa Lucia, agrial, Kidron, ponytail, burrito, said Bracho. Five years ago I sell terere in the plaza, said Bracho. I wake up at three thirty in the morning to bring refreshing Mercado 4 remedies and with what won I can provide for my family, says Antonia, mother of four children.

Famelica Legion

They want us to turn into hungry legion. They want us to turn into hungry legion so let’s sing the… Parral. As everyone knows, no one knows where he was born the Parral, some say that in Moguer, others in Leon and some placed it in Valladolid. But that isn’t the important thing.

We can get to become hungry legion. It needs time. Historically it is known that the year 1942 or perhaps the 1943, was known as the year of hunger. Time passed and little by little the social classes were changing. Tamames when it was Communist said that Franco had proletarianized to the middle classes.

You can share this assertion, because the maids with apron, and those things had disappeared when Tamames made these assertions. Also others can say that had disappeared the proletariat, in the sense of having evolved to middle class, and that is why confusion of the aforementioned Tamames. Therefore to retrace the road also need time. Eight years should not be sufficient. That of the year of hunger, is true, but they do not create it there were people dying of hunger in Spain, or in our country, whatever you want to say it. Tuberculosis was the leading cause. Today it is the cholesterol. But one way or another we are still dying us. But not we leave the topic. We can get to become hungry legion. It is quite difficult. Some want to get it, among other things so let’s sing the Parral. You will find it quite difficult by our education judeo-Christian, otherwise to wastage-based. Let me explain. The Jewish religion explains that when they celebrate Easter, if the family is not very large it meets another family for which no on lamb or kid, and things are shared so do not over anything. It is solidarity. The Christian emphasis on the miracle of the loaves and fishes, in which after satiated attendees collecting is leftovers, and not be how many baskets were collected. Totally contrary to the wastage. Precisely there was left, and however promoted savings. Insisting on culture Christian, originally the Christians put goods in common. They had invented the welfare society. He had to reach San Pablo, and say that not work not to eat. Took advantage of the matter some frescoes, like now. Yes, those which are thinking. The welfare state is over for them. If the welfare state is just for them, the rest do not we will become hungry legion. Original author and source of the article.