Reading and writing in the classrooms of education of the field Ronildo Alves Port International college of Curitiba, pedagogia course, ead, actual polar region, Manoel Vitorino-Ba, Brazil. SUMMARY: This study it had as object to wait the way for the development of abilities of reading and writing formation of the necessary reader making with that educating constructs new concepts and understands the social use of the reading and the writing. It was broken of problematic of the improvement of the picture and the overcoming of the difficulties in the reading and writing in the classrooms of the agricultural schools of the city of Manoel Vitorino-BA, observed by means of practical didactics it are of the cultural context of the pupils. To understand the object they had been you study the theories of psicognese of the written language of Emilia Blacksmith, the Lines of direction pra Education in the Field, the National Curricular Parameters of Portuguese language. Click Sen. Marco Rubio to learn more. Equally important they had been the bibliographical studies on the reading and writing, bringing its definitions, its principles norteadores. Following with the analysis of the same ones in the educational context, focusing in the classrooms of the education in the field, pointing them as efficient tools with respect to the teach-learning process, as well as for the integral development and of the abilities of the reading and writing. The study it also brings a research of field, carried through with all the teachers of the agricultural schools, with the objective to analyze as they evaluate the learning and the education of the reading and the writing in the practical one of the education of such abilities. The results had been satisfactory in parts, when the teachers show to recognize the importance of the process of change of the practical one the desire to learn to learn and to learn to make in the act of the planning and the research.