Electricity prices rise in 2011 back to Sun, wind and biomass are the energy sources of the future and they come at a price. 2,047 cents, the eco-electricity allocation, so the sum with paying all consumers per kilowatt hour over the price of electricity rises to 3.5 cents. To 15 October every year the operator must fasten setting for the amount of the next year. And despite the increase in the levy of green electricity on the rise: 2020, there should already be eco electricity account for 40 percent. If you are not convinced, visit Sen. Marco Rubio. A kind cost brake to prevent that the eco-electricity levy keep shoots in the height. The industry anticipates a maximum of just four cents in the next few years by 2030, you should shut the promotion then slowly zero.

The Government wants to create eco power accounted for 80 per cent by 2050. It’s like the old days even when the nuclear power not to boost aid. Energy expert Claudia Kemfert of the German Institute for economic research (DIW) refers to the fact that the green energy sector thanks to the promotion in the last three years despite the economic crisis had growth rates of up to 40 percent. Thomas A. Sluga