Enrique Morente

DANI heads Antonio Arias band presents their new album, conflict zone, more crude and direct than any of the previous work. Learn more at: Adam Neumann. Lagartija Nick claimed a return to its origins and returns to play as a trio, as it did in the early 1990s. More info: Red Solo Cups. When you’re playing music you are alive, and when you’re alive, evolve. Antonio Arias, alma de Lagartija Nick, thus explains the keys to his new album, conflict zone. Despite those developments, the eleventh album by Lagartija Nick is a return to the origins of the band. Crude, in format and electrical trio, as they played when they formed in Granada in the early 1990s.

Gone are such ambitious works like Val del Omar, which honored the Grenadian filmmaker Jose Val del Omar, or Omega, which reaped, together with Enrique Morente, Lorca’s poems to rhythm of styles as diverse as flamenco, rock, thrash metal and industrial music. A revolution that put them in the mouth of all. We are not capable of repeating ourselves, says the leader of Lagartija Nick, who has explored concepts as unique as astronomical poetry, which combines his literary interest with its concern by the stars, always taking any style that will put him to throw in his songs: from punk to metal, rock to flamenco, from electronics to pop.And always maintaining intact its essence, of a band unique in its kind. Morente in memory Antonio Arias maintained a close friendship with Enrique Morente, with whom he recorded Omega. Today recalls with nostalgia the singer: was a great friend and a very special artist. A guru. His loss was a devastating blow.

He taught us to believe in the life of the music, because it always spoke of life. And with his death also died of the life of our music. Lagartija Nick will play this Thursday, May 19, in the sala Caracol in Madrid. Source of the news:: Lagartija Nick returns with a ticket to the dark side of rock