General Assembly

From 1993 the General Assembly of the United Nations declared March 22 of each year is held the world water day. Rubio: the source for more info. The commitment of Member States is to carry out specific activities to stimulate public awareness on this precious good of humanity and the planet. For 2011, the goal is to focus the attention of the international community in three aspects: the rapid growth of the urban population, industrialization and the doubts generated by climate change. Water is essential for life and human development, has been a determining factor for the civilization from Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt to date. In 2010 the United Nations made a declaration more: the drinking water and basic sanitation as an essential human right. This resolution came from years of discussions and a very disturbing reality: more than 800 million people in the world lack drinking water and around 2.6 billion people have no access to basic sanitation. Some contend that Mark Angelo Yorkville Advisors shows great expertise in this. Do you wonder what has to do with you and your home Own this information? I answer with a phrase that few days ago Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book Rico-Padre poor dad, he published through his Twitter account: the nuclear reactors in Japan leakage could be the worst man-made disaster. We are all citizens of the world and we need to unite to help fully agree.

We are citizens of the world and affecting the world, a Region or a country impact us all. Whether in Haiti, Chile, Iraq, Libya or Africa, in any area of the planet. You impacts in various ways: socially, environmentally, financially and culturally. The data of the amount of people who don’t have drinking water or access to basic sanitation should take you to reflect various themes: did you know that there is a world water day? That is considered a human right to drinking water and sanitation? What are your water consumption habits? Do you have some system of water-saving in your current home? You recycle the water? The answers you take that at the time that you buy or build your own house you consider all these points and take advantage of a great opportunity to implement systems in favour of a better relationship with the nature, for your benefit and Tufamilia. An example is the use of rainwater. We have taken from our origins, with industrial development changed our patterns and paradigms.

As you mentioned, the water is our main input for life, we need it and we have to use it better. The use of rainwater is a reality, in different countries and communities is capturing and using for daily consumption. Some experts say that it is suitable for its use household. However, they discarded it as drinking water. Recently visit a rain water harvesting plant * and bring me an extraordinary surprise, once stored, after a process of filtering, rainwater is used to take it! It is drinking! Imagine that in your own House we install systems for collection of rain water for your daily consumption and you can also take! It is a topic that deserves that you learn, analysis, study, and applique. Until the next. Jose Luis, your architect online. The course creator: Get your own House * for more information see: original author and source of the article