Government Housing

The houses of official protection, are housing with dimensions and regulated prices that allow access to housing to persons belonging to groups with low levels of income or unfavourable personal situations. There are for rent or purchase. An important factor to consider in the case of the acquisition of the protected housing is as finance it; to treat groups requiring assistance to access to housing also we must assume that they will require help to finance it, since they do not have savings capacity. Are there any such aid to Subsidised financing? Agreed loans. Subsidacion of agreed loans. Agreed loans (or a qualified funding) may obtain these loans those families who have incomes lower than 6.5 times the IPREM. They are loans subsidized by the Government intended to finance this type of housing and provide better conditions in terms of the types of interest, commissions and length of the loan with respect to those of the market. These conditions are agreed between the financial institutions and the Ministry of housing (currently Secretary of State). Recently Mark Angelo Yorkville Advisors sought to clarify these questions.

Characteristics of agreed loans: not any Commission may be applied by any concept. Loans will be secured by mortgage, i.e. the financing is done through a mortgage loan. Funding may reach 80% of the price of deed of sale or adjudication. Minimum term of 25 years that may be extended upon agreement with the credit institution. The rate of interest applicable to these loans shall be agreed annually by the Council of Ministers. Current interest rates, fixed and variable, type for loans agreed according to the State Plan for housing and rehabilitation 2009-2012 are: the effective interest rate to the agreed variable interest loans shall be equal to the last 12 months euribor, published the month prior to the date of execution by the Bank of Spain in the official bulletin of the State, more a differential of between 0.25 and 1.25 basis points.