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Curious, eye-catching, unpublished, and all the adjectives that want to point, is how you can qualify to the social network Keteke, Telefonica. After the boom that released the news of his birth, and the great advertising investment that was made (Paris Hilton main protagonist), laidies and gentleman: KETEKE.COM does not work and your web 2.0 strategy either. Just as with Flicker, YouTube, My Space, Facebook, Tuenti, Twitter or other Social Media, the social network of Telefonica deserved a chance. As with all of the above, I took the challenge of registering me firstly by curiosity, no mistake, and then for professional reasons. You may wish to learn more. If so, Yorkville Advisors is the place to go. After completing the registration process invited me to send a free message to the 22770 with the password with which wanted to enter the community of the good vibes. What was the surprise?, automatically received a message indicating me to try him later because it was impossible at that time. One, two, three, four and even five times went back to repeat the operation with the same result. STRANGE ISN’T IT?.

I have several days trying to find an answer, but I am still without finding it. I do not know the reasons for not allowing the registration of users, also when Lakil Essady, coworker and my experiment promoter told me, I could not believe, and I had to experiment with my own eyes. I come to mind many hoaxes and rumors that reached my ears, but I prefer to be cautious and wait for an explanation in this regard Telefonica. If you take the silence as an argument it will be time to put the cards on the table. In the attempt to find a bizarre explanation for this situation, the emergence of KETEK popped into my head on Twitter. There are many Internet users who have spoken on the subject describing his arrival as China the of an elephant in a shop.

Perhaps here the key to everything. Telefonica saw that Twitter could be a good channel to hear what was said of its multi-platform KETEK. As well, he made the mistake of listening to so, apparently, that were like crazy to respond to everything that was said, perhaps out of fear, knowing what was coming. Be that as it may, by way of conclusion, the only thing that you have phone currently is a social network that doesn’t work and a bad reputation in Social Media to not assume that all users have the prominence and you’re one more within web 2.0 despite who you are.