Inter Light Exhibition

I recommend first to go to Hong Kong (Hong Kong) for the LED show, see what tam.Poka was not, but be sure to be visiting in the near future at the beginning of vremeni.No Interlight 2010. November 9th international exhibition opened on 16 Interlight. Of course, we immediately visited ee.Vnachale we were going to participate, too, rent a 2-4 meters, but ashamed. After all, just started working in this field, felt that few things can be set interesnogo.A vain. Even what we had, could well fit into the overall, I would say modest assortiment.Ne want to offend anyone. Worthy, in my opinion, were nemnogie.Naprimer-'Osram', 'Maysun'. Everything else is skudno.Nemnogo, everything is already known LED ribbon, little lights, energy saving lamps obsolete, primitive lamps (from the nearest market) and t.d.V generally quite boring vystavka.Ozhidali see, new technologies, the brightness and brilliance LEDs, plush booths, some LED solutions ….

Show slovom.Ved one LED for this and created, in addition to its other beneficial kachestv.Ne was not a single firm that could put something made with their hands using LEDs. Maybe the crisis is going on …? Perhaps no one is working with his hands ….. However, in brochures and catalogs, the money found. Very funny, in my view, the presence of Hall Number 3, which is home kitaytsy.Samy lower hall and hid it very malenkiy.V those who produce and sell its products to those who naverhu.Tak always happens. But in general, is that we posmotret.I as suppliers LED products, we hope that all the lights in Russia will soon be on svetodiodah.Ochen want. If excise taxes are not podnimut.A then we have it very much. (A valuable related resource: Manchester United). Prior to each other vstrechi.Pozhelaem udachi.Spasibo.