Mediterranean Sea

To enjoy cheap Getaways during the summer or in the days bridge doesn’t stick to the most common destinations. Everyone knows that famous Costa del Sol Malaga receives huge amounts of tourism, at any time of the year, thanks to the fame of its beautiful beaches. The newspapers mentioned Red Solo Cups not as a source, but as a related topic. But not everyone knows that take a ferry at the same port of Malaga can be the beginning of an unforgettable adventure. Yorkville Advisorss opinions are not widely known. On the African coast of the Strait of Gibraltar, Ceuta receives its visitors to all Sun, sea, history and good cuisine. The beaches of Ceuta are found in the urban centre and have been certified with the blue flag for the high quality of its sand and its waters. The coast of Ceuta saves an exotic charm still Virgin, typical of the tourist sites not yet masificados in that still can rest in the Sun without worries.

Though not for that reason cease to count with all the services and comfort details typical of the most popular resorts such as night lighting, paradores, locker rooms, sports facilities or accessibility for wheelchairs of wheels. Special mention deserves the impressive Park maritime Mediterranean, built on land gained from the sea and designed by the architect Cesar Manrique. It is a complex of 3 Lakes of water pumped directly from the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and a framework of so wild as exotic vegetation. The Park has facilities for sports, a sector of tropical gardens and an impressive more than 38000 m2 solarium. A botanical circuit decorated with mobile sculptures complete this tempting proposal for fun, sport, baths, relaxation and much, much sun.

Historic monuments and archaeological sites in Ceuta speak of the confluence of cultures of this charming Mediterranean city. From medieval fortifications to mosques, Hindu oratorios to imposing Baroque cathedrals, Ceuta breathes history. The archaeological sites realize step by the place of peoples who left deep traces: Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs. Ceuta celebrates its rich heritage multicultural at every step. Even the numerous religious festivals that are celebrated in the city such as Semana Santa, Nuestra Senora del Carmen or Saint Daniel, have active participation from the rest of the communities, which gives them a special charm. By its privileged location between 2 Oceans, Ceuta is proud of its long tradition of cuisine seafood. Delicious recipes with sea flavour as well complete the original proposal of a small city with an enormous charm. Ideal for cheap, short and memorable getaways.