Grade point average 1.5 for ModernBeauty doctors average grade passed 1.5 exam. The portal around the topic of good looks, all patients regularly calls to the evaluation of the doctor. 18 school grades 1-6 can be forgiven this, because every aspect of medical treatment will be queried separately. “” The questions range from the consultation met your expectations? “about having you in the practice / clinic comfortable feel?”up to how you judge the outcome of your treatment?”.” Appropriate assessments are currently available for 16 ModernBeauty doctors and revealed the average grade for all together: 1.5. All patients also have the opportunity to supplement the assessment by their own comments. “” Performed a breast reduction by Dr. reviewed Kalam (Berlin/Munich) the patient as follows: “just a super good doctor!” A face and neck lift in action by Dr.

Nitzsche (Leipzig) has the patient “the following result: I am happy with my new look, I have gained a lot of self-confidence.” “And Dr. Axmann (Hanover) receives the comment after a breast augmentation from a patient: I would have to imagine personally a better doctor.” On the pages of the portal under modern beauty. For even more opinions, read materials from texas children’s hospital. de imagine renowned doctors with detailed cards. New patients can already before the first make yourself a picture of doctor and hospital and then ask their appointment. Echo street capital often says this. This service is without obligation and free of charge. After the treatments, the consistently positive assessments clearly show how important is the choice of the right doctor. So medical malpractice and disappointments can be avoided. Whether I would recommend my doctor? Definitely!”, this conclusion speaks after an eye lift for the doctor Dr.

Muller Lange (Werl). Details about the patient feedback for the above mentioned physicians, but also for Dr. Rwand Masud (Hamburg), Dr. Klesper (Hamburg), Dr. Dagtekin and Dr. Rosken (both Munich), Dr. Messer (Mannheim), Dr. lectern (Dresden), Dr. Schumann and Dr. Hofheinz (both Dusseldorf), Dr. Vogt (Hannover), Dr.Edelmann (Frankfurt) and Dr. Pfefferkorn (Nuremberg) there are here: schoenheitsoperation/info/patientenberichte.html.