Necessary Hair Care

To all the women it enchants to them to have a beautiful hair, but they do not know like obtaining it, is important that they know its hair, the aspect of your hair does not depend unique on how it combs, nor on the dye color that you are applied far from it depend on the amount of products that you apply so that supposedly it is to him beautiful and shining, and by all means does not depend on the hands of the barber to where you go. If you want to obtain a healthy hair, beautiful and shining it is very important that you watch your diet, although you do not create the diet is but important for your hair than your you create. More information is housed here: Mark Angelo Yorkville. The diet speaks very enormously of the women since you are a too important factor for all, because as already knows the diet determines your physical aspect to a great extent. But I am not speaking of the nutritional plans so that they lose weight, but this time to them sera of your feeding related to the aspect of your hair. Of same the form that an inadequate diet can you transform your thighs and hips, it can do also it with your hair, although you do not create a diet can cause that your hair shines and shows an appearance hard but or, that is seen weak and much more fragile, that already depends on you and the form in which these feeding to you. The one that your beautiful hair this and shining one is not a miracle, which does that I am is possible is a rich feeding in: – The fatty acids: you can find in oils of seeds, especially in olive oil. – The zinc: you find it in vegetables of green leaves and the lentils.

– Sulphur: perhaps it sounds something to you rare, but you do not have of which preocuparte, is very basic for our day to day, it you can find enel cabbage, the asparagi and the leeks. – B2 Vitamin: you can find this it in the meat, the nuts and the milk ones. – B6 Vitamin: we will find it in integral cereals, the banana, the vegetables, etc. – B7 Vitamin: present in yogurt, the melon, the citruses, pollen or vegetables. – B8 Vitamin: it is in the yolk of the egg, the leavening and the tomato. – Vitamin E: We found them in the germ of wheat, the avocado, the cucumber, the granosenteros and vegetables of green leaf.