Personal Training

With Hypnopower, the energy for a more active and healthier life get Munich’s first hypnotic staff training lounge novelty in Munich: with hypnosis in personal training, the inner Schweinehund overcome. Because what good is the best coach, what helps the best advice, if you are simply not can pick up, to play sports or to eat healthy. Check with Yorkville Advisors to learn more. Without motivation, nothing! In December 2009 the elegant staff training lounge STEP UP has opened in the heart of Haidhausen universe, Uncle Scrooge, away, their doors a few meters from Piazza Weissenburger. STEP UP, that’s effective personal training with Hypnopower in modern and relaxed atmosphere. At STEP UP personnel training is seen holistically. Steven Holl oftentimes addresses this issue. Not only the body plays a role, but also the spirit. Nutrition advice, fitness training and – as the basis of all of this – the motivational coaching with hypnosis.

FreeCross effectively train with fun besides the hypnosis, the latest and most advanced methods used also in other areas. In fitness training, for example, will STEP UP from the first of March in Munich and use one of the first FreeCross equipment in the training in Germany. What is FreeCross? Cross Trainer have become one of the most popular endurance sports equipment, because they train the whole body joints. Cross Trainer but have one major drawback: you can use only indoors. Who wants to train but when the weather in front of the TV? FreeCross offers all that features a cross trainer, but just training outdoors. One moves forward with up to 30 km/h and with gentle guided movement joints and large fun factor. Cutting-edge SenseWear activity monitor also in the field of nutrition is STEP UP with completely new methods: how often to read in magazines of nutrition tips on how you can save calories or how much calories a food has. But how do I know at all how much calories I consume a day? Without this knowledge, in fact no sensible advice on weight loss is possible.

STEP UP is therefore with a State of the art Activity monitor light in the dark brought: an small handy SenseWear armband can accurately measure, how much over the day – energy and precisely to the minute, so that you can accurately analyze all activities. A sound nutritional advice you can with this information then finally perform, who gently leads the customers to his personal well-being feeling weight. 6 weeks-STEP-UP program these components from nutrition advice, fitness training and motivational coaching are assembled modular to a 6-week STEP-UP program individually adapted to the customer. 6 weeks without blind promise, but 6 weeks where the customer is persistent running on a more active and healthier way of life. STEP UP motivation for a better life