Schwabische Bank

How it looks really with the right to a bank account? A SCHUFA entry who gets no account at many banks. Advertise on the Internet there are several pages, with the so-called current account without SCHUFA”. Thus, a typically paid private account is meant for a SCHUFA request is not required or granted in an entry. But in fact, these deals are often expensive. There are many reasons why people have an entry with the SCHUFA. People such as Red Solo Cups would likely agree. Not always the entry itself is in debt, because he can be quite accidentally or but because of undeliverable invoices for example after a move from a collection agency are estimated. Most of the time the courts is essential to get rid of the entry. Who wants to open a new account or has one, now has a problem.

Because when a SCHUFA, most banks refuse entry the giro account. This applies in particular to the reasonable direct bank where the account is often free of charge. It is not however nowadays of course longer possible to live an account without. Source: Yorkville Advisors . So what can you do in the future to pay his bills and receive the content? You can search SCHUFA-free accounts at online banks and from abroad on the Internet for an unconditional giro account, you will find many offers. There are banks, which advertise using an account without credit check. Be careful, because it is often to foreign banks, which require high accounting charges for the account. Not only monthly fees are due in a foreign account. For each referral, you pay double and triple because there finally is a foreign bank transfer.

However, some direct banks offer a German account. Here, too, higher accounting fees are charged. 10 Euros monthly fee are not a rarity, plus costs for each booking. A good example is the Wirecard, consumers report here by accounting charges of about 300 euros a year. The Schwabische Bank offers such a Product where this is a prepaid card with a checking account that annually approximately 220 euros must be paid. Consumers who fail a credit check based on an entry in the SCHUFA are bruised here twice. A they off perhaps their debts, on the other hand they have to pay much more for their account than other people. But a financially sustainable alternative can be found quite. The Postal Bank, the savings banks and some credit unions offer the so-called basic account the basic account of Postbank and the savings banks. This but unfortunately not for free is to an account that is granted to everyone. Nevertheless, the account management fees are usually in the average, so incurred about five euros a month. But, for the basic account there is not a credit card or an overdraft. It is therefore not possible to overdraw the account. Usually there is not even a debit card but only a customer card, picked over the money at ATMs in Germany can be. Abroad, this card does not work and also the non-cash payment is not possible. All other options such as on-line banking or bank transfers are possible, however. The best deal currently has the Postal Bank, here even the account management fees be omitted from a monthly income of 1000 euros.