Elena Archbishop Karim

5 weeks of SAFE salon opens in 2011 in the historic halls of the thermal centre of Le Mont-Dore. 1 the subject of volcanoes “gives the international event a pronounced regional magnetism. The well-known spa town of Le Mont-Dore, at the same time popular winter sports centre, is located at 1050 meters in the volcanic-rich mountains of the Massif Central (Central France). The choice of topic leads to the design of a series of expressive images, which focuses on the mysterious Mountain Puy-de-Dome, symbol of the region Auvergne, is available. Rubio: the source for more info. 2 the list of 12 invited artist is once again excellent. Learn more on the subject from SurveyGizmo. After the huge success of the creative movement of Dali heirs “is can include the event in Le Mont-Dore on the participation of 6 European top artists in Bavaria during last summer, and as a result of the triumph at the Salon of art en capital at the Grand Palais of the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Following painters will be exhibiting at the SAFE 2012: Angerer the elder (D), Michel Barthelemy (B), Alain Bazard (F), Gilles Chambon (F), Marc Desmullier (F), Monica Fagan (GB), David Lefebvre (F), Christian Lepere (F), Michael Maschka (D), Fabrizio Riccardi (I), Olga Vichneva (RUS), Siegfried Zademack (D). The French painter and architect Gilles Chambon from Libourne (Bordeaux) and the gifted artist Olga Vichneva from Kazan (Russia) is new to the 6 visionary Salon Gala, birthplace of the famous Dali Muse (born Elena Archbishop Karim: 26-08-1894).

The traditional animation of the salons SAFE to continue. The Apocalypse Dore trophy “will be by an international jury awarded the most significant image from volcanoes”. In the shop of the salon, the boxes of the system BAC Dore work again “.” The 12 participating artists will offer over one hundred works of small format at competitive prices in this art-free shop. Purpose of the effective approach of BAC Dore”is the democratization of art. We strive for years in Le Mont-Dore to bring audiences the good painting. She is 3 in the frames of the Salon SAFE 2012 The educational exhibition of Auvergne, the land of the volcanoes “show city Le Mont-Dore. We expect 6000 visitors in the thermal baths of Le Mont-Dore, which will act as a temple of Surrealism during one month in February.