Regulation Documentation

Instead of binding to such a vague time as the beginning of design documentation, the legislator might well have to bind to a specific point, such as the time of transfer of project documentation for public examination. Position on the composition of design documentation and requirements to their content. The situation is a major innovation in the law of design documents for construction. Fully into effect Regulation comes from 1 July 2008. Regulations are subject to regulation by the relationship preparation of project documentation for construction, reconstruction and overhaul of capital facilities in setting requirements for the content of such documents. The highlights are provisions the following: 1.

The situation reveals the content of a number of concepts such as "industrial objects," objects of non-production "," linear features "," working documents "," Special specification "," Construction Phase "," text portion "and" graphic part of "the project documentation. Due to limited opportunities to bring in this article detailed definition is not possible, and therefore can only make sending directly to the text of the normative act – the reporting of rf Government. 2. Provision contains several classifications. This primarily refers to the subject of the provision itself, which sets in Section 1 of the sections of project documentation and requirements for the content of these sections: a) the preparation of project documentation for various types of capital construction and b) the preparation of project documentation for certain phases of construction, reconstruction and repair of capital construction projects. Also in the Regulations (Section 2) gives a classification capital construction projects, depending on the functionality and characteristic features of the following types: a) facilities for production purposes, except for linear objects.