Professional Hair Care

Why do I need professional care zavolosami, you ask, why do we need a professional hair care? In hair a lot of problems if they do not, and no care for them, then they will be. Our hair is part of our body, they are just as we react to stress, illness, exposure to the environment. But that is not enough, because we want to be beautiful, we torment our hair dyes, perms, styling. And since without this we can not, it would be always have at hand the means to reduce all the aggression that our hair is suffering. A series of "Maxim" – is the maximum care for the hair. Series consists of three kinds of shampoo. This RN – neutral shampoo adds volume and shine to hair, making them pliable, easy to comb. The ideal product for the frequent use of 1000 ml and 250.

Normalizing shampoo with Alpha gidrokislotami deeply cleanses the hair, is used as prophylaxis anti-dandruff and hair loss, also gives the hair volume, softness and shine. Shampoo for damaged hair with rice protein can help repair damaged hair, a protective film that coats the hair and gives it elasticity and shine. Balm provides instant rice protein conditioning effect, facilitates combing. Its formula is rich in rice protein, gives volume, shine, do not overload the hair. Regenerating cream restores the hair, moisturizes damaged parts. Revitalizing Emulsion, cosmetics and silk with selikonom protein. Fluid liquid crystals with extracts of flax seed. Shampoos are different and different clients come: with dyed, who visited in the sun hair with a perm.