Fee Basis Pays

ICT systems consultant from Hanover via strategies in the telecommunications industry is not always cheap, well, because quality has its price. This not quite new perspective of things has rediscovered the Hanoverian ICT service provider for the optimization of telephone and Internet connections, Ron Kneffel, for himself and his company. Since we offer our advice on a fee basis, the demand has increased considerably. The customers appreciate quality service”, says the founder of the Meyer Kneffel Jones GmbH & co. KG. So have the company during this year compared to the same period for a sales increase by 250 percent. The ICT system consultant who advertises to be able to reduce the telephone and DSL costs his customers by up to 30 percent, increased its sales by 400,000 euros according to own statements in 2007 to 1.2 million euro in the previous year and are currently eight employees. The 32-year-old sees more growth opportunities through the increased use and reliance on voice-over IP solutions and already has its own solution called easyVoice”(www.easyvoice.de) designed. Additional information is available at Mark Angelo. With easyVoice we have created a complete solution for companies that is both flexible and future-proof and cost effective. Companies need a new PBX in the next two years should decide in any case for a VoIP solution to remain competitive in 2012.”