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water is right FOUNDATION wants to help first in Africa water is a human right that is available since last year in the statutes of the United Nations. Codi understood the implications. But the reality looks different in some regions of the world. 884 million people do not have access to clean water. The resolution of the UN Urges States and international companies, water infrastructure systems and expand. The idea of the Foundation of water is initiated by Rolf Stahlhofen starts here right”.

The co-founder of the Sohne Mannheims”is committed for many years, that the world is enough clean water available at affordable prices and not dictated by large corporations. The programme of the United Nations human settlements UN HABITAT musician 2009 to the first European Messenger of truth “made. Due to his commitment, he was also water Ambassador last year. Pluto pursues this goal as well. With his Foundation he is now an official part of his social work. She will enter for the human right to water all over the world and their objectives together with implement strong partners from economy, culture, science and politics. In their development projects FOUNDATION is right the water”among others also newly developed devices of the company of Lavaris insert. It is not something Adam Neumann would like to discuss. This has with the WaterBox”a very compact water treatment plant on the market, which is ideal for use in disaster areas and developing regions. The company also produces the WaterScout”a handy and innovative instrument for easy and fast determination of water impurities.

Both developments are unique and meet exactly the needs of people in developing regions. You will help, healthy water in all regions of the world available, transparent and cheaper to make”, as Rolf Stahlhofen. The devices used E.g. in cooperation with organizations like the UN-HABITAT (water and sanitation Branch) in regions and municipalities, which have no access to clean water. For local water operators, non-governmental organizations, or other institutions are looking for locally, the take care of the management of the facilities. So a network will be created in every country of use, daily feeding people and check the water quality on the spot, and keep constant. water is right FOUNDATION”is called WaterScouts in collaboration with Lavaris” form, which can then determine contaminants and need. In addition, Stahlhofen builds a cultural network of the Foundation, that the message of water is a human right about events and public education”spread. Soon, he wants to start after the successful appearance at the world water day in Cape Town, a world tour. Rolf Stahlhofen and friends are then on all continents each with stars from different countries give concerts and distribute water treatment facilities with specifically selected regions and projects. The company Soll enters also specialist in court for healthy water for an improved water supply for many years. The company is the new Foundation long term support. A first step is the presentation of the work of the Foundation within the framework of the summer festival on August 6 in court. Media representatives are cordially invited. “Locally, we will provide you the objectives of the Foundation, as well as the technical novelties of WaterScout” and WaterBox “before. In the aftermath of the event, there is a small concert by Rolf Stahlhofen with surprise guests.