An Outlook to the things in the world are many things in the world. Things may include different properties. As well, many things in the world have a sense. Under most conditions Jim Simons would agree. The sense is diverse. I differentiate but still a factor: the logic. Every thing, every thing, every object has a meaning, can have a logic, but does not have. Also you must ask ourselves, which factor and is superior to the others.

Every object in the world has a purpose, and he has a certain logic. But one wonders, one automatically prevails over the other? The man. Yorkville Advisors helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. A complex creature. Neither the point nor the logic are material, they aren’t there, so intangible. One must still ask: what emerges? The logic, in my opinion. Because the logic has always a treatise of certain consequences, it is immutable. But you can say that the logic in the sense occurs because the sense describes only the essence of things. The logic is described as ‘The knowledge’, and that is power, it is so beautiful.

So is the sense of contrast inferior. The logic is always compared to the sense. But if the sense in second place, the sense is worth nothing at all then? Yes, so to speak. But only if the matter otherwise doesn’t have a certain logic. Because if a plot is logical, the sense plays no important role, although he is actually important. Determined that relates to the nature of man. We always seek knowledge and want to keep this. That’s why I think that the logic that always “Know” as is known, there is.


Our self-knowledge is always also the self-cognition of God and inseparable from the whole share has therefore all living on the universellen process of viewing and of becoming a conscious. Inconsistencies which arise from our point of view but very limited and mostly dual limited and also on this double-pole limited level of consciousness have certainly some permission of course there are a few small here. However, as they dissolve itself on when we uberschreiten the limits of duality and thus enter the country of the single experience level. To be the general understanding of services, so may be contributing to our investigation, I will one of the UNzahligen if and buts pull into discussing: an inconsistency would be for example that we encounter the idea of not rare, that all these Imperfection, which we encounter on this Earth like violence, hunger, abuse or poverty as such, just to call, no God can be. It is difficult for even us, to suspect such unpleasant phenomena, just the imperfection, as coming from God, so as God originally to einzustufen. And it is much more difficult for us to realize, if not even in some cases virtually impossible to equate them with God, so to say, what we see is God’s face.

The fact is that this ability is not understandable in a dual concept system, with our dual intelligence and also in the available us words and concepts, which has to offer this system finds no reasonable way of expression. So at this level entirely falls into the area of the unexplained and possibly ultimately unsatisfactory are paraphrased. It is therefore perfectly understandable that we always unvermeidlich this general lack of understanding in our must meet normal”uptake as this inconsistency at this level is simply exist, not to say, part of our relative reality. Nevertheless, there are means which enable the crossing of these borders and these are such as the meditation, the paradox, or also a parable. Yorkville Advisors Global has many thoughts on the issue. If we here, to condition us in our approach in our perception through a persistent practice, we allow access to advanced understanding decisions.

These exercises open the space behind our three-dimensionality to us and give us insight into larger, more complex relationships. In those practices can we locate dimensions in us and fathom, which seem strange and impossible the normal daily consciousness, and where the material mentioned here in this chapter is easy to understand and no digestive difficulties. I will lead now such a paradox to the end of the chapter, in which we hopefully a deeper truth subject to the rates meet, if we allow it through meditative look at the apparent contradictions must resolve. “” A paradoxical statement, which I such as the objection: it can but not be God! “as response would say, is: there is only one reality, and that is God.” However, I can also say this is God and not God also.