Viral Strategy

In your hands you will have a very easy to use tool, it has a very important viral effect, has the facility of being able to be heard on any site with a mobile device and will help you to be closer to your followers. To create a podcast, you need an audio editing program, you can find from alternatives in internet free like audacity to pay that you can download with trial license for a few days. In addition you will need a good microphone for recording. The format to which you must convert your audio file is MP3, once you have recorded, you must upload it to your hosting or a free for podcast hosting, so that your followers can find it and download it. The interesting thing is that you can use in your articles, inserting a player into your blog, or you can send the link to your list by mail, and give it as a gift to your subscribers. Otherwise, quite profitable, is make a digital product, using the podcast and market it on the web, has very good acceptance and a low cost of production.

It has immediate delivery and easy arrival to your client. Considerations you should keep in mind when you create your podcast; 1 * Must have very clear the theme that you want to treat, seeks to deliver quality information and is useful for listeners. 2.* You * you must put a title that is easy to remember, short, direct and to make reference to the content of the podcast. 3.* * You need to create a script for the information you want to share, in this way, communication is more fluid and avoid breaks or Deadbolts. 4 * Uses a correct, without tecnisismos language, except where the subject matter requires it, you can raise it as a conversation, avoids reading, gives intention to your sentences. 5 * Seeks to keep the microphone at a height that will allow your voice to be heard well, seeks to maintain the same tone of voice during the recording, modulates correctly so that they understand what you mean. While you record, try to do it in a closed room that decreases the noise of the environment to the maximum.

6.* * Avoids, as far as possible, the use of particular idioms in your country, which may be incomprehensible to your readers in other countries. Family.* * you must care for the duration of your podcast, 20 minutes is within the range of tolerance of the listener, if exposure is longer, you can divide it into segments of 20 minutes each. 8.* * Recalls, always welcoming, identify yourself and give a brief introduction of the item that you are going to be treated, as well as the different chapters that you deliver. 9.* * You can add background music to your creations, there are many melodies of freedom of movement that you can use. Always remember that without action, there is no reaction.