Ways To Help The Sick

There are several specific features of the sick person. In the first all people must realize that only he is able to transmute, ie eliminate the existing order of sedimentary material (the state of their bodies). Transmuting – this is some kind of pre-programmed destruction, followed by a conscious evolutionary improvement. Below I will discuss in more detail the three issues that you recommend to change doctors in your daily activities: Learn how to think! Emotional mood of a person one of the most important parameters that must be kept clean. That the feelings are not voiced, then to be understood, is true, can not, for the generation of the human senses provide energy to understanding the mind clear. The depth of understanding and the quality of consciousness depend on the sound of feelings. In other words – you need an independent daily work of someone who wants to get rid of their problems.

Means to achieve enlightenment one – in-depth thinking. Newman Giles wanted to know more. Different ways. But in each case means used up to achieve the goal, that is, thinking must be systematic, daily, without a sharp change in fashion, but with a gradual deepening it. In doing so, people will begin to alter their thought forms. This in turn will deliver him from envy, laziness and fear. In-depth reflection begins with a reflection in words, but with the degree of deepening and the expansion of consciousness in the thought provoking to move from words to phrases, then to the concepts, the ideas, the concepts of blocks.