Education Rating

The star lies not Basel, September 2009. PerformNet extends the application range for the international training center rating. It assesses the scope and the level of learning related services, as well as the infrastructure of any educational institution in the seminars are conducted. The education customers what use the best QA systems if the learning accompanying services and a training centre seminar infrastructure not sustainably support the learning process? Education, learning and also speakers, are unfortunately too easily interchangeable. What remains are the added value implicitly offered by the educational institution and its employees. One of the goals of the international training center rating (ITCR) of PerformNet AG is to make explicit, All round well supervised seminar participants can concentrate on stress-free and thus more efficient running seminar. The ITCR classification of educational institutions is the objective answer to the question what can I expect at a training center? It begins with the arrival: to find a (comprehensive) On the homepage of the education provider, a helpful hint on parking facilities in the vicinity, are directions really ample parking available, also when I first arrive at the last minute? How far must I run from the bus station to the training centre? Must I share an exercise-PC with others? Professional are the sanitary facilities, cleaned? There are enough different drinks during the breaks or should I bring better my own tea me? How is it with the understanding of the quality of management? She care about more than just a 08/15 course evaluation at the end of the seminar? How are the prices, there is more than only the corridor as a break room? The list can be continued any.

Sound often similar to the self statements of education centres about their services, but they lack concise expressiveness and authenticity. Unlike an objective assessment is: only she can assist customers in the targeted selection of the education provider. Quite analogous to the hotel classification which has PerformNet AG the needs of customers and participants of training over a large area and the international training center rating developed. The symbolic language of the international training center rating is simple: A successful classification process depending on the degree of performance with the granting of 3, 4 or 5 stars for the respective training centre completes. In contrast to the accreditation and quality certifications, the international training center rating solely based on a process model that fully satisfies the five laws of benchmarking. Objective valuation model that simultaneously allows a market comparison is thus % hereby a 100.

The training management gets not only an objective assessment and a resulting catalogue of measures to improve performance, but also meaningful statistics at hand. It can thus currently detect market trends and market standards established themselves. The international training center rating is an effective marketing tool for all at the same time Educators who want to convey an easy to understand performance message to their customers regardless of the size of their institution or their offerings. And this message arrives; because star does not lie. Ultimately ITCR have excellent educators one thing in common: they have an open and transparent communication culture and an authentic, engaging corporate culture. And it arrives at the customers! Since summer 2009, the PerformNet AG offers the rating for technical colleges and vocational training centres.

The Future Of Food Security

International project ‘Freshlabel’ optimized smart labels with time-temperature indicator (TTI) Bonn, November 2008 – after three years of intensive research, the joint research project Freshlabel was now\”under the auspices of the ttz Bremerhaven completed successfully. 6th EU research programme, 21 international partners from research and industry set the goal to develop a freshness seal for perishable food. Aim of the research was to develop time-temperature indicators in different meat and fishing stuff ends chain. We have achieved this goal\”, explains the food technologist Dr. Judith Kreyenschmidt of the University of Bonn. The TTZ Bremerhaven (project management), the State technical research centre of Finland VTT, the Institute of animal sciences of the University of Bonn as well as the National Technical University of Athens NTUA among the partner institutions for research. Performed the tests with time-temperature indicators were based on the OnVu technology.

A special On a label, pigment color discolored it depending on time and temperature. The TTI label is glued on the packaging, loaded with UV light and appears initially in a dark blue. The longer the product is stored warm, the faster is the color change in the white. On the basis of a reference symbol, it can be detected in what state of freshness the product is. The researchers conducted microbiological, chemical and sensory quality tests at different temperatures as boxed beef, ham or tuna – for various products – to characterize the freshness of the products. Furthermore TTI developed in intensive research, which reflect the freshness condition of the selected foods. In addition to the technological optimization, the biggest challenge now is light and the durability of the product exactly to match the intensity of the UV and that was under different temperature conditions. The developed TTI thus indirectly shows the natural enzymatic and microbial freshness loss as a function of time and temperature. Thus, cold chain breaks, that accelerate the loss of freshness, are displayed directly with the new label\”, so Karia next.

Mercedes Benz

Find further information about the voting for one of the world’s four best high-performance car tuners at. Yes they can. The realization of ones dreams of on individualized, high-tech product. With their focus on 3250b advancing innovation Platune offers a wide range of platforms and components that are available as well as individual or linked solutions. Hereby the company’s goal to fit the needs and individual wishes of the customer always stands in the centre of interest.

From basic ideas for a product marketing research, design, prototype construction and series production up to marketing, sales and service Platune genetics Council maximum economic profit while at the same time creating a long-lasting brand value. With their self-claimed goal of producing the first and new dimension of individualized luxury sports most exclusive product in its segment, Platune establishes a construction. Besides luxurious sports of construction, Platune stress on their special competence in creating and producing exclusive architecture, power boat, LED light applications, interior and exterior lightning as well as fashion. Yes they can! The future is now, and what comes next? Having had to impressive starting, RENNtech and Platune have already planned are currently working on) their next striking projects for 2009 for example, the RENNtech Platune SLR in a special limited version with 722 PS and the RENNtech Platune c63 in a special racing version with 620 HP. After their widely recognized debut at the SEMA 2008, the companies now represent themselves at the LA Auto show. Anyone, who wants to know more about this new dimension of luxury sports of construction, is invited to call at the at the Mercedes Benz was where the GLK Pikes Peak racer is exposed. Don’t miss that step into a new era of car design development and get more information about PLATUNE under or directly of PLATUNE media center via email under.

Platune is a development company in the areas of sport and luxury automobile construction, yacht construction, tuning, hybrid technology and LED technology. Platune combines design, technology and luxury in order to create unique products in the high price segment, in short: Platune luxury starts where premium stops. All the way at the top. We are unique in design; We would like to polarize, to arouse reactions. A Platune product is more a piece of art than a product. This piece into art always places the user in the center and makes the user artist. Exclusiveness is the central element in the world of Platune.

Becoming Increasingly Important

Atacama Bremen shows extremely satisfied with MEDICA participation at this year’s MEDICA has for atacama Software worth it again. This underscores Dr. Jurgen Deitmers, Managing Director of the Bremen Spezialdienstleisters: “we have achieved so much attention like never before. Overall we have the impression that more attention is given to the topic of nursing and nursing informatics.” Especially likes the interdisciplinary approach of the exhibition: “in Dusseldorf, we find a good combination of a wide range of topics with very high attendance. So it was possible that the CIO of a rehab facility on the technology and Web interface apenio provides information on a day and the next day his care colleagues explain can the professional content.” Other software companies showed interest in community projects and a long-term close cooperation.

This total increased interest in atacama and last but not least reflects its solutions of the latest order. The Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund (KAV), with more than 13,000 beds in 12 hospitals and 11 Geriatric Centers largest health facility of in Austria and one of the largest health care providers in Europe, pulse introduces the hospital information system (his) starting in October, the medical mpa with the software process assistant under the general contractor of the CompuGROUP daughter of systema human information systems GmbH is implemented. The digital care planning and documentation is apenio a major contribution to the consistent standardization of all medical nursing treatment processes in the 23 houses. Pulse is seamlessly integrated into the KIS, and supported the nurses in their work. With the supplied knowledge base is used with their catalogues for diagnoses, care services and care objectives and their links. Comprehensive evaluations of maintenance activities and structure data, the frequency of individual measures and of care data for the cost and performance accounting and controlling maintenance can be easily created.

Apenio LZ, a further development of the proven apenio solution specifically for the needs of the elderly and long-term care was another focus of the MEDICA website. Here the unique scientific typology in apenio was expanded significantly in terms of content. So was a comprehensive integration of nursing phenomena, which show up in dementia diseases, for example, moved or even harmful behaviors. Also an enhanced assessment instruments will be provided the nurses as including the assessment of the risk of falls, Cohen-Mansfield scale u.v.m. Intensive professional development is reflected in the reactions of the interested parties, represented saw their work processes and requirements in your software solution.

Bizerba Manager

Cloud computing is models Rebetky according to IT expert Andreas not new, and perhaps more as a continuation of the Gridgedankens ten years, namely the use of network resources, computing to see from the outlet or ASP. “The reality is different, though: the performance is limited by the complexity of the applications”, so the concerns of Rebetzky, Director global informaton at the technology specialists Bizerba. She have always suffered the weakest link in the chain. And that changes at the camp: morning the CPU, I/O behavior and then maybe the network performance. We should come back to the ground of reality and value-enhancing use the technologies available, rather than to compress the fog with slogans”, calls the Bizerba Manager.

The CIO Magazine wanted to know what are the healing promise of cloud computing. Each second is called followed by possible savings in hardware and administration as well as a better scalability and flexibility, Access to skills, which must not be developed within the company. (28 percent). Conversely, the study participants are not blind to the risks and problems with cloud computing. Here, too, there is a clear front-runner: safety (45 percent of the mentions). This is followed by the integration with existing systems, as well as the loss of control over the data (26 percent each).

In addition, concerns about the availability play a role (25 percent). The CIO magazine indicates that some fundamental issues are still unclear. For example, cloud computing is related to virtualization and the provider took care is still not, as virtual machines between physical servers with processors of from different vendors can be back and forth.

House Variety

Whether flat, winding, or round – the shape of the roof dominates the overall visual impression of the whole House. experts introduce the main types of roof. The roof is used not only as a protective shield of the House, but gives the building its distinctive character. An attractive roof resembles a figurehead and should be carefully planned, stress experts, the leading online portal around the topic of roof. The architectural design and the chosen material of the roof are according to the roof experts in a close relationship. Before the choice for a certain form of roof falls, builders should take into account in particular the design and construction of the House.

Because not every roof will fit every home. Roof architectural diversity as far as the roof architecture, so there is a particularly wide variety experts in this country: of the sat over the tent roof to the hipped roof – for every taste and budget, a suitable solution can be found. The culmination of the most popular German The gabled roof is still detached houses. With its two sides of the roof, this version looks very friendly and solid. Depending on the degree of steepness, saddle roofs can be combined, so in top view striking T – and L-forms also varied with other roof shapes. Historical hipped or half-hipped roof, always provide sensation with its extraordinary shape are another popular Variant.

Hipped roofs Act this particularly elegant – they claim a certain distance for themselves but on all sides. Primarily to marvel at, old buildings are Mansarddacher, which appear particularly sophisticated because of their curved shape. Downright romantic flair comes from Mediterranean tent roofs – with their uniform, slightly inclined roof sides. But charming roof landscapes can be formed also from composite, functional Panel roofs. While the roof mostly to the weather page is aligned, this roof shape on the sunny side provides large, bright surfaces in the room. For each House the matching roof at all individuality you should never lose the overall impression from the eyes, the experts advise. So environment in which to build or fail as the weather makes for example a big difference it. Depending on the amount of precipitation, the roof according to steep or flat (as in snowy areas) should fail (in rainy areas). Who brought happiness to live in a sun-drenched area can equip also the roof with eco-friendly solar panels. Different roofing materials in question are for any roof shape: while, for example, geometric structuring roof materials only conditionally suitable for organic roof forms, E.g. natural slate is an almost ideal roofing material for unusual roof architecture. So even the most difficult roof forms can be elegantly realized with natural stone from the ground. A noble as well as versatile material is titanium zinc, which turned local gang clothing and roof edge aperture in high quality details, about the the Complete appearance of a House, and accentuate. Roof bricks and roof tiles are considered timeless classics. This roof stones due to their low energy requirements for production in terms of environmental protection are clearly ahead. The so-called Star technology provides for particularly smooth surfaces that can remain longer clean roof stones of the newer generation.

How To Learn To Cook At Home

Can not find anyone who would have questioned the fact that cooking – it's more art than craft. After all, the hostess, who is able to cook, valued at all times and was held in high esteem, and women-neighbors to also pass for a good hostess – trying to find out its "proprietary" tasty recipes. However, today the foundation on which rests home cooking – is a recipe for cooking. Thank God we no longer need to stand behind the products in the endless queues with coupons in hand – as it did recently in the troubled nineties. Also disappeared the need to hunt or fish, grow food in gardens – not a pleasure, but of necessity. After all, there is the current level life in our country and the range of products in supermarkets allow us to buy food and spices in the required number of us, without any kind of problems. In order to learn how to cook well you need to know a few things. First, you need to understand the compatibility of different products in one dish.

After all, by and large, the dish – it's like a bouquet, which consists of individual flowers products. Even before cooking need to understand exactly what spices are needed for the preparation of a meal, which of them are added to the fish, and which – in the flesh. For currently existing range of spices on the shelves can be confusing to someone anywhere, not just a beginner. With spices you can emphasize taste of a dish, but can also radically change it. It should also have some idea about the compatibility of dishes when applying for one table – for example, when and how need to make a salad and sauces.

Because lunch can be just awful, even if all the dishes are cooked perfectly. It is important not only quality food, but also proper table setting, order of serving dishes. Preparation Cooking food – it is creativity, the arts, it can literally follow in each paragraph cookbook. Here is a good example: the beef or veal cooked everything, but every lady has their secrets, using which she manages to turn simple cooking into a flight of fancy, and as a result of a masterpiece that will compliment everything. Exactly such secrets and change recipes, creating on their basis of copyright dishes. Nowadays there are so many books in which exhaustively described homemade recipes from all corners of our planet. You can experiment with different combinations of foods and spices, by choosing on those that are specifically yours and organically in taste bouquet you cooked dishes. In any case you will learn how to cook, most importantly – experiment! The most important thing – to have patience and a desire to learn, and tasty will prepare each of us.


How much to this topic, the critical one made by (MOREIRA and VASCONCELOS, 2009, P. 99), standes out that the evaluation in the education of History finds many barriers because the professor does not locate while appraiser, what he implies to leave to reflect on its performance in classroom. The evaluation that could be continuous, permeada of all the process teach-learning starts to happen at evaluation moments, that is, the model continues traditional, so criticized the necessary professor to have care in the elaboration of questions. Those evasions, example: ' ' It says everything what you know on assunto.' ' Or still, ' ' It thinks on definitive assunto' '. In this in case that, the professor must be prepared for the most unexpected answers, a time that these types of question of the edge for this type of reply: ' ' This subject is very flat, or, I do not know nada' '. Given to these circumstances that the history professor needs to pautar itself in the concernentes questions to the learning, identifying themselves what it means to learn History in the context of significant activities for the pupil, in addition, if cannot forget that the evaluation must assume the formative character.

This does not mean to abandon old practical: it means, before everything, for the professor, to allow itself to reflect on its content and forms to teach. FINAL CONSIDERAES To speak in education at this moment of contemporaneidade and radical changes where we are witnessing constantly for the media and the world are a challenge which the teaching professional is being the focus of the attentions. When if it has support and subsidies of the school and the proper state it is excellent to construct and to delineate steps for a good education, but the lack of everything this makes to generate certain paradoxes around the professional of the education that does not find ways to stimulate the pupil to have taste for disciplines, creating of this form barriers between professor and pupil and knowledge.

Wikipedia Learn

If you want to control your life and stop being a puppet in the hands of fate, learn how to handle your conflicts in a positive way. In life not importantly become a being insensitive by drugs, more or less legal, but in knowing how to control your impulses, emotions and desires, in short, to become the director of your own feelings. You do not fight more against yourself, this is not the way, rather than learn to understand you and love you, modifies llas small things that they hinder your growth, but keep your firm way and secure elevator and arrive at the port that you want. Regardless of the name that you have given to your problem, it may be anxiety, obsessions, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, hypochondriasis, disorder personality, hallucinations, or any other; what you need in any case is to reestablish control over your life, your thoughts and emotions; as you are learning to manajarte with them, to dominate them, expose you to its ravages, you can feel the power that resides in your own energies. He struggles to learn what We should know everyone since childhood, to be the driver of our own inner strength, to learn how our brain works, and know how to handle it with skill and domain. I know decided and mastered the techniques to control your thoughts and emotions, this way you will discover that you’re not a bubbler in the hands of the prefabricated unconscious, but there is a conscious force that can make your life change in the direction that you want it.

Ignorance emotional, this is the key of the slavery that we suffer in our emotions, thoughts and emotions, we must learn to know each body reaction, every outer event demands of us a reaction, this will not happen its not prpvoca us an emotion, but we can’t be slaves of each one of the impressions that the events provoke in us, stop this we need a layer of knowledge and techniques to learnhandle and react according to what we want, we need or expect from us, not dee a mechanically and without reflection, manages impulses, it dominates your reactions, submits your instinct to the domain of consciousness and your life will be different, you will begin to learn about another way of living in the world. First thing is to name your reactions, then know recognize them and distinguish them from other sensations, then learn how to choose that you want for your life and then teach your body to accept your decisions, so little by little you can adapt your behavior to the ideals that Wikipedia. He chooses this path, you will feel differently, you can decide otherwise and live more fully, with a sense of dominion over your life..

Learning Mathematics

The Brazilian Language of Signals is a natural language to enable the expression of human beings. Another one is a language as any, therefore it possesses necessary mechanisms to if to make to understand, it constitutes proper signals of the community of our country and follows principle of the verbal languages the same. They absorb the cultural aspects of the users, also the regionalisms, the typical expressions, the slang. Pounds are the basic axle so that the deaf person learns the official language of its country and all the other gifts in classroom. Word-Key: Deaf Bilingualism Pounds *1- Jarleide Almeida Feitosa.

Graduated Letters/Portuguese in the Tiradentes University and after-graduanda in Pounds in the Serigy College. *2 – Emiliana Nunes Da Silva? Graduated Letters/Portuguese-Spaniard in the Tiradentes University and after-graduanda in Pounds in the Serigy College? *3-Paula Valena Young chicken Da Silva? Graduated Letters Portuguese-English for the College of Formation of Professors of Penedo and after graduanda in Pounds in the Serigy College? paulavpinto@ Introduction: Pounds are the first natural language developed between deaf people and Brazilian dumbs, and are from it that it will leave for the study of the official language of its country. Pounds another one is a language as any, therefore a fonolgica structure possesss all, characterized through the configurations of hands, location and movement, morphologic and syntactic. It differs itself from the verbal languages only for using auditory appearance-space and not verbal canal. From there the necessity to include the Brazilian language of signals in educational the curricular structure. Knowing itself that the school is an environment of integration and socialization of knowing, it does not have as if to admit the preconception, the exclusion and the discrimination. then when we speak in including the deaf person in regular education, is necessary to prepare the educational staff, so that the inclusion attempt will be successful.