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Free medical and therapeutic food for animals in emergency press release the animal ambulance Nordbayern and dog emergency pro Canis e.V. Trautskirchen, 05.03.2010: more than half of all the animal clinic of Northern Bavaria featured dogs and cats suffer from nutrition-related diseases. Many health problems such as diabetes, metabolic disorders, arthritis, digestive disorders, cardiovascular disease could alleviate or avoid choosing a proper feed. The owners, who come to the free out-patient consultation, cannot afford diatisches or high-quality food due to their financial woes. Therefore founded the animal ambulance from Pro Canis from DoggyBag food aid immediately, so that the animals must not suffer the poverty of their holders. Learn more on the subject from PI Industries. Therapy to accompany every pet owner will receive free the required feed for his diseased animal. According to Adam Neumann, who has experience with these questions. The dispensaries of animal Panel e.V.

deny the owners of puppies and newly acquired pets any help. But just for puppies is the proper feeding Basis for healthy growth and a healthy life. We bridge this gap with the issue of free puppy food and create food plans with incoming consulting”, so the Chairman Kurt Wittek. The goal of the animal clinic of Northern Bavaria and the food assistance is emergencies to support needy pet, so they have to leave their animals not in the already crowded animal shelters. The food aid is financed by the contributions of the members of the Association, donations, and sponsors. Please help people and animals in need with a donation! Sparkasse Bad Windsheim BLZ 76251020 account 225156009 dog emergency / feed help learn more about the volunteer work of the animal ambulance Northern Bavaria and the commitment of dog first aid per Canis e.V. find under: and press contact dog emergency Pro Canis e.V.

animal ambulance Nordbayern Steinbach 4 90619 Trautskirchen T 09107-924246 F-09107-924489 Kurt Wittek: picture material can be free of accredited journalists asked about the animal ambulance Northern Bavaria: the non-profit association of dog first aid Pro Canis e.V. has been operating since 2007 the free animal clinic for the poor, who live on the breadline and can not bring their Veterinary costs for their dogs and cats. Here, the animal ambulance Nordbayern helps by free medical supplies the diseased animals in the ambulance vehicle directly on site at the shelters, thermal lounges and the road ambulance. Keywords: food aid, doggybag, tierambulanz, animal welfare, poverty, homeless, hartz4, fundraising