In addition these compounds react, change before stress, which returns them sensible to the changes. Shortly after which the period begins, the endometrial cells that form the walls of the uterus make a great amount of prostaglandins. When these cells are broken during the menstruation, the prostaglandins are freed. You may find that Yorkville Advisors can contribute to your knowledge. These, narrow the blood vessels in the uterus and cause that the muscle layers of the same are contracted, thus causing painful cramps. re information. Some of these prostaglandins are introduced in the sanguineous flow, causing the other sntmas like headache, you feel nauseous, diarrhoeas and vomits. What we do then? Fat poor man and a rich carbohydrate diet, is related to insulin levels in the blood too high and too low levels of glucagn this imbalance also affects to the interaction of those before descriptos compounds including the prostaglandin.

Then, to avoid that the body produces an excess of prostaglandins that cause pains, and that it as well generates prostaglandins and, that are those that do not cause pains, the woman must consume sufficient amount of the adapted type of essential fatty acids. Also it needs suitable levels vitamin C, B6 vitamin, and magnesium. Metabolically the women who have much stress and follow a bad diet, are prone to produce more amount of prostaglandins F2 (" dolorosas") and in this way they appear the menstrual pains. The foods influence and change hormones: The amount of estrogens in the blood of a woman is readjusted constantly. A low diet in fats and fiber discharge can reduce the estrogen level significantly. Investigators of the cancer have been interested enormously in this phenomenon since, to reduce the estrogen level in the blood he helps to reduce the risk of suffering cancer of chest. In addition types of cancer exist related to the uterus, that must to a hormonal imbalance, with an estrogen surplus Less estrogens means less stimulation in the growth of cancerigenic cells.