Social Contract Rights

It also comes at the same postulate of Hobbes (homo homini lupus), but clarifying that the man becomes a wolf that after living in society! In what has to do with the Social Contract, Professor Rozo Acuna, in his book already quoted says: "Most authors believe that fundamental aspects of the work are the following: a. – The theory of the covenant or contract social to explain the origin of power, state and government. The development, due to the incorporation of a system of guarantees for the rights and freedoms. b. – The general theory of will as a result of democratic and popular conceptions of political rights is by men here Rousseau develops his ideas of popular sovereignty or split and its institutional consequences of voting rights, the imperative mandate, the revocation of the mandate and, ultimately, institutions semi-direct democracy.

c. – The theory of government, where he studied various forms of state and government, in a functional manner, ie according to the functions rulers and ruled play and according to the objectives or goals they achieve. Of particular interest are his findings to define best form of government as one that achieves the highest material and spiritual development of peoples. Here is the modern Rousseau, analyst, objective and committed to the achievements of governments and not with the political and ideological dogmas … More information is housed here: Yorkville Advisors. "" I guess men at this point that the obstacles to their conservation in natural state due to its resistance to the forces which each individual can use to stay in that state.