Thuringia Energy

In the tension between economic and sustainability event announcement: November 6, 2009, bio – Seehotel Zeulenroda regional value chain, complementary currency, energy, energy self-sufficiency: these are keywords that will determine the future economic development. The 3rd Congress of BIO at the Lake shows proven projects that can be caused by a new form of cooperative interaction between companies. In the foreground is the regional development in Central Germany. Contact information is here: Yorkville Advisors. Companies, institutions, associations, local authorities and individuals get impulse giving lectures approaches, practical know-how and examples of ecologically valuable, sustainable products and services. Main topic at the 3rd BioKongress is the alternative energy supplies by the phase-out of conventional power generation until down to the 100% energy self-sufficiency funded by renewable energy through a regional fund for the future. Another essential point of the Congress is the appreciation of their own region and their possibilities. Advantages be assigned a regional value chain.

Starting from the future viability and sustainability of our current monetary system, feasible alternatives are presented. Future of BioKongress is performed first climate-neutral, i.e. greenhouse gas emissions are avoided as far as possible and balanced all unavoidable emissions of the Congress by certified climate protection projects. TOP topics at the 3rd BioKongress: regional development energy transformation engine for a strong region of monetary system’s future viability and sustainability gene technology promising future technology or incalculable risk factor?