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The Brazilian Language of Signals is a natural language to enable the expression of human beings. Another one is a language as any, therefore it possesses necessary mechanisms to if to make to understand, it constitutes proper signals of the community of our country and follows principle of the verbal languages the same. They absorb the cultural aspects of the users, also the regionalisms, the typical expressions, the slang. Pounds are the basic axle so that the deaf person learns the official language of its country and all the other gifts in classroom. Word-Key: Deaf Bilingualism Pounds *1- Jarleide Almeida Feitosa.

Graduated Letters/Portuguese in the Tiradentes University and after-graduanda in Pounds in the Serigy College. *2 – Emiliana Nunes Da Silva? Graduated Letters/Portuguese-Spaniard in the Tiradentes University and after-graduanda in Pounds in the Serigy College? *3-Paula Valena Young chicken Da Silva? Graduated Letters Portuguese-English for the College of Formation of Professors of Penedo and after graduanda in Pounds in the Serigy College? paulavpinto@ yahoo.com.br Introduction: Pounds are the first natural language developed between deaf people and Brazilian dumbs, and are from it that it will leave for the study of the official language of its country. Pounds another one is a language as any, therefore a fonolgica structure possesss all, characterized through the configurations of hands, location and movement, morphologic and syntactic. It differs itself from the verbal languages only for using auditory appearance-space and not verbal canal. From there the necessity to include the Brazilian language of signals in educational the curricular structure. Knowing itself that the school is an environment of integration and socialization of knowing, it does not have as if to admit the preconception, the exclusion and the discrimination. then when we speak in including the deaf person in regular education, is necessary to prepare the educational staff, so that the inclusion attempt will be successful.

Identity Caiara

Which the true identity caiara? In the truth, the concept of caiara more found is that caiara is all that one that deferred payment in the littoral zone and lives of fishes of subsistence, then caiara is basically the fisherman is professional it or not, and also that one who deferred payment in this determined region lives of fishes primitive as the old indians inhabitants of such regions. In matinhos a change in the agreement of what is perceived it is to be caiara, has times that the meaning of this word was substituted, being today faced as offence the point of true caiaras not to be understood as such. But as if to recognize in something devaluated and banalizado? The culture caiara, very strong in the religious and artisan questions, is lost when it has a growth of the evanglicas religions, since the majority of the customs is of origin catholic. In fact this contributes for the disappearance of this culture, being thus way the marginalizao of caiara in itself, that the few a people without customs becomes, that if it sees against hand of what it is today the cultural question in Brazil, that is in an increasing wave of valuation. We know that caiara is all that one that lives in littoral regions, the fact is, will be that who deferred payment in littoral region is caiara or if accepted as such? Using the example of Matinhos that is a littoral city, then all its people can be called caiara, and still she will be that living if all accepted as such? It is difficult this reply since we did not make a field research to base this work, but in what it says respect the theoretical part is possible to affirm that he is not all living littoral that if accepted as caiara and nor all caiara deferred payment in littoral region. Therefore to think itself well, when it is said in fishes artisan and primitive, does not want to say specifically that if it deals with fishes of salty water, can also be about fishes in water rivers candy, of this form, you practise them caiaras of fishes they do not depend exclusively on the sea, or turn around it, being yes a reference, but not unamimity. Then, correct to affirm that to be caiara it does not depend on definitive place, but yes of determined culture and the knowledge and acceptance of who he is caiara.


Islands of Heat in Cuiab/MT Pablo Enrique Camacho Je Saints Ribeiro Haudson Freitas You would make Denis Adriano Kings Jose Carlos Queiroz Summary This article if it bases on detecting possible incident islands of heat in Cuiab/MT, will be boarded throughout this work the definitions of diverse authors regarding the subject, the process of temperature collection that was adopted, chose a route inside of the city looking for to collect temperature of points densely town and also moved away points more so that if it has a notion of the variation of existing temperature. For better visualization of the boarded subject we mount spread sheets and graphs helping to demonstrate the idea of what better it is really a heat island. Introduction is not of today that we verify that Cuiab passes for a process of very fast development, with this we notice the wild increase in the construction of houses, building, pavement of streets, etc. The economic growth that all the state of Mato Grosso passes influences the increase of the urbanization of cities and in Cuiab are not different, with the increase of purchasing power of the population, start to inside increase the number of workmanships of the city, however these workmanships many times are made without taking in consideration the environment, for example when the people concretam all the yard this waterproofs the ground diminishing infiltration overloading the draining system and hindering the birth of new trees, plants contributing for the significant increase of the temperature. Another example is the alphabetical pavement each bigger time with certainty is a benefit for the transit of automobiles however it also contributes for the temperature addition. With everything this that if passes we will go with this study to show the indications of islands of heat in the city of Cuiab, because the development without control brings many impacts for the environment, and these workmanships result in determined a significant addition of temperature in local, will go to also suggest measured of control to prevent the frequency and intensity of the islands of heat in Cuiab.

The Clorito

This allows a well bigger staple fibre combination of what in the fabric conspired, bringing new mixtures of staple fibres and providing innovations in the development of fabrics (called weaveeed intelligent). 2.2BENEFICIAMENTO TEXTILE This phase, that comes after the weaving soon, basically is divided in preparation for the tingimento, tingimento properly said and finishing. The txteis articles must carefully be prepared before initiating the tingimento. The real necessity of these processes has as objective to improve the aspect, the tintrea capacity, as well as conditions for a posterior noble finishing to the fabric. This preparation or daily pay-treatment consists of eliminating all the impurities of the fabric, impurities as the waxes, the natural pectinas, the lubricative oils, paraffins, gums.

These impurities can be natural or artificial. The artificial impurities are added to wires during the weaving process. To assist in withdrawal of these impurities we can purges cite it, the alvejamento, escovagem, desengomagem, chamuscamento, in agreement mercerizao orientaes and concepts contained in the manual of would tinturaria of the industries Brinel S/A? download in 12-09-2010. It purges is the wet primary cleanness in which is submitted the fabric having aimed at to eliminate the natural impurities, oils of encimagem and gum gifts in fabrics, the method used for cleanness of the fiber demands the presence of at least a tensoativo agent of proven efficiency capable to umectar, to exert detergency and to emulsificar. A alkali is also used (Sodium Carbonate) to saponificar the substances greases that are insoluble. The formularization used in purges depends on the fiber that will be worked.

Alvejamento is made generally by oxidativa action using Clorito de Sdio (NClO2), Hipoclorito de Sdio (NOCl), Peroxide of Hidrognio (H2O2) or for redutiva action, using Ditionito de Sdio (Hidrossulfito de Sdio? In 2S2O4). The Clorito of Sodium presents good alvejantes properties since that adequately applied. Today little it is used had its toxicity and corrosive reactivity in the equipment, exactly of stainless steel.